Terror Attack in Jerusalem--Just Deport Them

Today there was a new type of terror attack in Yerushalayim. An Arab drove a bulldozer through a major street deliberately targeting civilians in private cars and public buses. He drove into two buses repeatedly until they overturned, and he drove over several cars, crushing the occupants.
A brave young off-duty soldier took the initiative and climbed onto the bulldozer in an attempt to stop the murderer. He succeeded in shooting the driver several times, and finally a police officer also climbed onto the 'dozer and put the final shot into him. Read more about this young man who helped save countless lives, here.
Below is the Israel Channel 10 video (also on Tamar Yonah's blog on Israel National News, Arutz Sheva):

This is the second terror attack on civilians since the Mercaz HaRav murders of eight young unarmed Yeshiva students. Thank G-d, at least in
this attack in Jerusalem, there more people who were ARMED, were already there and ready to TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY.

It simply boils down to this: the Jews returned to their ancient homeland after 2,000 years of exile and, while fighting for their lives the entire time, built it into a thriving, modern, culturally rich wonderful country. They (in their naivete I might add) were willing to live peacefully with the existing Arabs, but the Arabs were not willing to live with the Jews: they wanted to "throw the Jews into the sea." They wanted and still want Israel to NOT EXIST.

The Arabs showed themselves to be, in perpetrating massacre after massacre of unarmed civilians: men, women and children- as in 1929 and 1939 - way before the inception of the State of Israel, a barbaric enemy of Israel and the Jews.

What do you do with an enemy who is constantly terrorizing, attacking and trying to kill you? You kill him first: you conquer and vanquish him, and deport his followers. This driver, a piece of arab drek of humanity, came from the Tzur Baher neighborhood in East Jerusalem - the same neighborhood where the murderer of the Yeshiva students lived. All those who supported him should be deported immediately- no compensation, no arguments-just thrown out of the country. You don't want a Jewish State? Move the hell out and go back to an Arab State-there are twenty-two of 'em-choose one.

It's time we-Israel and world Jewry-came to our senses. Israel is harboring a fifth column within its borders. Someone much greater than I used this as the title of one of his books: THEY MUST GO (read every word on that page very carefully).

That's right: deport the rest of the Arabs out of Medinat Yisrael. And we start by getting rid of the Arab construction workers around the country: hire and train Jews to build their country.The Arabs want work? Let them go back to their own countries to make a living. Then, get rid of these terrorist sympathisers in East Jerusalem. Wherever there are attacks on civilians, deport the families and strip the remaining residents of citizenship, one by one.

No sane nation lives with a citizen-enemy within its borders. After thousands of years of persecution in the hands of Muslims (and Christians, I'm sorry to say), here is a fact for the world:

Israel is a Jewish State and is here to stay. If the resident Arabs attack it, they will be killed and their families deported. If they are unwilling to live peacefully in a Jewish land, with the Jewish religion and culture as the dominant culture, abiding by civil law under a Jewish government- just as minorities do in the United States - then they can NOT become citizens and should be assisted to LEAVE.

End of story.


Bar Kochba said…
Lady-light, of course we are preaching to the converted. Those who close their ears will never hear. But we must speak, or blog. We will tell the truth and ha-mevin yavin.

They are pure evil, this vile and wicked nation. We must not show them any more mercy.
Luv4Zion said…
Thanks for your comments over at my blog. That lead me over to yours. I agree so much. I say deport the so-called Palestinians to Jordan and the rest of the Arab world. Let those countries take them in. Israel is for the Jewish people. I'm adding your blog to my blog links. I hope you'll do the same for me. Thanks. Take care.
Lady-Light said…
bar kochba: Already commented on your blog re this. I guess you're right, we just have to keep 'plugging away,' והמבין יבין as you said. Thanks for visiting again!
luv4zion: Welcome! It's time to try again for a population exchange, although most of the Jews are already out of the Arab countries--and taken care of by Israel. The Arabs need to take care of their own, like adults. It's not our job (we have enough problems taking care of Jews!)

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