"Never Again". . . Again?

Another terror incident just happened in Jerusalem: a 'copycat' terror attack by a highjacked Arab-driven bulldozer, attacking and overturning cars and buses. I am laughing with tears in my eyes at the stupid politicians and fools who allowed this to happen again, by not firing the Arab construction workers and hiring Jews. I am livid that nothing major was done to deter these barbarians from attacking again. I am crying at outgoing Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Gillerman's impassioned speech whining to the world about what Israel lives through day after day:
"Sitting in a coffee house in Paris, Moscow and New York, costs a few dollars. Sitting in a coffee house in Jerusalem could cost many lives."
And blah, blah, blah...
It sounds like pleading, to me. How dare our leaders (Israel's; which equals "The Jews'") whine and plead to the world 'please understand what we are going through? I am appalled. What happened to dignity? What happened to maturity and responsibility? To standing up for oneself? What ever happened to 'Never Again?'

If Talkback comments are any indication, the majority of the commenters on Arutz Sheva (Israel National News) are as fed-up as I am. Some excerpts, pro and con Mr. Gillerman's speech:

"His speech is falling on deaf ears. The people he is speaking to do not care about Israelis. He won't ever get their sympathy no matter what he says to them. The only thing that Israel can do is demand respect by doing what it needs to do to protect its citizens and telling the world to get off its back; that America and the European countries wouldn't live like that and should not expect Israel to live like that. Just stop being a mat is all you have to do Israel. Demand respect!

". . .The only thing that Israel can do is demand respect by doing what it needs to do to protect its citizens and telling the world to get off its back; that America and the European countries wouldn't live like that and should not expect Israel to live like that.

"Don't ask permission from the world to defend your rights. That's called playing the fool. Instead do what's right and explain later. The world will never give permission and will respect you less for asking. Strengthen unity and faith and take the necessary actions and God will be with us and the world will be silent.

"Bravo to Mr. Gillerman! And as Logicon said: DEMAND RESPECT, ISRAEL!

"Gillerman is right on the money. Not many are willing to admit that the problem is Islam itself - most pundits and political leaders in the West break their backs trying to provide excuses, citing all kinds of socio-cultural and economic pressures that lead to Islamic acts of barbarism. Of course, as other commenters have noted this will fall on deaf ears, however it is still encouraging and refreshing to hear. . .

"A majority of the terrorists are Muslims", Ambassador Gillerman says.
A "majority" is one over half. Why does he -- even at this point, his leaving -- minimize the issue?
ALL terrorists are Muslims.

"Destructive, Self-Hating Israelis!
Oy Vey! Nebuch! "

Enough of this obsequiousness. It makes me shudder in loathing. Where is Israel's self-esteem as a nation? And consequently, our own self-esteem as Jews, whether or not we are living in Israel? Because Israel's political and military decisions affect us all, no matter where we live.
And thank G-d for responsible, armed Israeli civilians who had the courage--in the last two attacks on the unarmed students at Mercaz HaRav last March, the first bulldozer attack on Jaffa Street in Jerusalem two weeks ago and in this copycat attack-- to take action. It is people such as these who will save the country. Read about exactly who they are and how they are connected, at Jameel's Muqata. There are no coincidences.

Maybe all Israeli citizens should learn to shoot (if they don't already know from serving in the IDF that is), apply for personal weapon licenses and arm themselves. It seems they are the ones who have the courage to act, and save lives.

Enough of the tears and pleading and whining and wringing of the hands. It is time to allow ourselves to feel justified rage, and not be afraid to act on it in self-defense and as a deterrent for the future.


Anonymous said…
I am horrified by this latest terrorist attack. What also shocked me was the headlines on BBC making the terrorist the victim. It is unbelievable. Why are they still here???
"by not firing the Arab construction workers and hiring Jews"

Never Again..doesn't mean anything if we behave the same way to others.
Are we only here on earth to stay alive?
Is this the meaning of your life to preserve yourself..no matter the cost?
How can you fire citizens of your own country solely based on race??
Lady-Light said…
Anon: I didn't read what the BBC said about this attack; did they actually call the driver a 'victim?'
David-on-the-Lake: Are you saying we behave "the same way to others"? How? Israel makes concessions to the Arabs and treats them well: Arabs who are Israeli citizens get all the benefits of Bituach Leumi and other services, and they are hired all over Israel in construction and other manual labor jobs and treated with "kid gloves." The stupidity of all this is that we are being NICE to the enemy who wants to kill us. No sane country does this; it almost seems pathological. But (you might protest)- 'only one or two among the workers are this radical: the rest of them are fine.' Really? If the rest of them are not radical, they are either 1) harboring hatred towards Israel and Jews (and the West in general), or they are 2) condoning what is being done by looking the other way and not informing the Israeli authorities.
Either way, we are, by hiring Arabs, harboring an enemy in our midst. I am the last thing from being a racist. What am I against? I am against people who have a DEATH culture and are trying to BRING MY PEOPLE INTO IT.
Enough. We need to get rid of them, plain and simple. Not because they are "Arabs" or that we are "racists," but because they're killing us. But I do appreciate your visit. Will visit your blog again, soon.
Anonymous said…
lady-light: when do you think Israel will start making insentives for citizens living abroad to return?
Baruch said…
On yom shishi my wife and I traveled to Kiriyat Motzkin to pick up her sister at the train station. Not going into all the details, I unknownly stumbled into a situation where an Arab man and a Jewish woman were having an affair. They sprang out of their car and assaulted me. I defended myself, but ended up in the hospital from wounds sustained by him trying to stab me in the back and head with his car keys, ultimately requiring me to have a CT scan.

B"H my wife didn't sustain any injuries and I'm under the care of a doctor and recovering.

I don't know where you live, but I would bet that you don't live in Eretz Yisrael as I do and Lady_Light has.

I can recall countless stories in the Tanak where in order to inheret the land of Eretz Yisrael, the Jews were required to drive the people living in it out. These peoples driven out of Eretz Yisrael were unwillingly and unable to keep any peace. You can describe their behavior as anamalistic. David Hamelech won countless victories over his enemies by wiping them out of the land and was the only king of Israel to unify the two kingdoms of Yisrael. Shaul Hamelech, on the other hand, lost his kingdom because he refused to follow the will of Hashem by wiping out of existance his enemies, their livestock, everything they possessed.

I for one do not hold by the current government's strategy of negotiation and appeasement, nor would I ever advocate it given the current state of Eretz Yisrael.

So is David Hamelech a racist? Is any other King of Eretz Yisrael racist because they followed the will of Hashem by driving out people who are uncapable of living in peace?

WAKE UP and read your Tanak...

Just two weeks ago we read Parashat Pinchas where Pinchas drove a spear through a Jewish man and a non-Jewish woman at the tent of meeting. Why? Because of their lack of sensitivity to the Holiness required of Jews. Is Pinchas a racist becausee he killed a woman who wasn't Jewish or even a sexist for killing a Jewish man for having an affair with a non-Jewish woman. There are certain sensitivities that Jews have lost due to living in the galut for so long. We have become desensitized to the Holiness that Hashem requires of us.
Avodah Ivrit said…
Lady Light, We added you to our blog roll.

BTW, David on the Lake knows nothing of Torah, the only justification Jews have for laying claim to the Land of Israel.
Dovid Hamelech didn't do a thing on his own.

Why don't you go back to the story of Amalek and justify genocide?

You see the dangers of applying Biblical, divine injunctions in this time and era?

And Avodah Ivrit....never mind
Baruch Eliezer said…
David on the Lake,
You drive my point home precisely, that is why our current government is failing so miserably with their own plans. They do everything on their own without Emunah, without Hasshem, without the Torah. And they don't want to change because it would mean an end to their own reign and power. That is precisely why they negotiate, trade land for empty promises of peace. Genocide is what the Goyim call defeat.

Furthermore, I'm not justifying anything, but only applying biblical principals to present day. It's called Biblical Zionism.

Furthermore, David...never mind.

When Jews have lived in the galut so long and mimick the way the goyim think, act, and live, they begin to take on the psychie of the goyim. Jews have been in the galut so long that they have forgotten to think like Jews, and this includes you David. What you failed to address is the failure of Shaul Hameleck for not following the will of Hashem and his utter destruction.

The torah talks specifically about driving out the Cannanites in order to settle and occupy Eretz Yisrael. The torah even states that if they didn't they wouldn't be able to live there. This is what Eretz Yisrael is up against today. By applying your definition of Genocide (which is completely without any consideration of Hashem) that would make Hashem (the God of the Jews) the cause of the death of possibly millions of people. But then again you're sitting comfortablly in your home in the galut far away from danger, far away from having to exercise emunah, far away from taking a risk, taking a chance that Hashem does care about Mitzvah observance. You see even the Naviim talk about the anger of Hashem for giving away Gaza, which includes not only of the present day Gaza strip, but also Asdod and Askelon.

Eretz Yisrael is not the property of the Jews to be sold, bargained, traded, or the like. It is Hashem's and he expects us to live in it, guard it with our lives, find life and precious Emunah within it. Hashem expects us to occupy it and live within its boudaries. It's not ours to do as we wish. We have rules to follow, the Torah.

Until you make aliyah you will never understand the importance of Emunah. Your mind is locked into the MATRIX of the galut that tells you that you have to find a ballance between Good and Evil, a 2-column system, just like that of the Far Eastern religions. Judaism has a 3-column system that does not include the balance of Good and Evil. It completely excludes evil from all consideration.

Yesterday, my wife and I were driving, looking for a parking place when an Arab woman was walking in the middle of the road, only 2 meters from the sidwalk to her right. We politely slowed, we didn't honk, just politely waited for her to move aside. She started cursing us in Arabic for having to step aside out of the middle of the road. This is the hostility, the unrational, animal behavior we deal with on a daily basis. Something you have no knowledge of, or for that matter wish to know.

Your armchair politics do nothing to serve Hashem or help Eretz Yisrael.
I've actually lived in Israel for a number of years and was in a terrorist attack once, so I'm very much not in an armchair perspective.
Tanakh is a playground for all kinds of idealogically motivated groups..from Christianity to Zionism..
Tanakh is not meant to be learned from..there is not a single Mitzvah derived from Tanakh.
We have no idea what Gods plans are or where we are in history...
While it might Feel like redemption to you..perhaps the State of Israel in 500 years will be, but a footnote in history books God forbid.
You make assumptions on the way God wants us to act at this time in history without really knowing if we should still be in an exile frame of mind or a redemption frame of mind.

These ideas of transfering populations are the true armchair politics because the disater it would beget
is catastrophic.
I cannot imagine it would go smoothly..
Israel would get no more US aid, would become a moral pariah in the eyes of the world not unlike Sudan and Bosnia and would be a morally and militarily weakened country and millions of horrified secular and non militant zionistic Jews would leave the country..
Of course if this is what Gods wants..then everything will work out..but you're taking a mightily big chance on that...
Baruch Eliezer said…
David on the Lake,

Finally, we get well formed thoughts and ideas from you--all ludicrous of course.

What you have failed to realize is though you may live in Eretz Yisrael, your thoughts, thought processes, probably your lifestyle, are still of the galut. The galut I've been referring to, while not only a physical exile, is also one of the mind. Jews can live in Eretz Yisrael, but without Emunah they are still in the galut.

I think the greatest change that Jews have to go through once they begin to have Emunah is not to rely on the world for moral approval, the US for aid, the UN to help break up "fights. The greaest test is to rely completely on Hashem for all.

Redemption is a process not an event. Can you imagine if it were an event, the Mashiach would come and all those waiting for Mashiach to make aliyah would not be able to without abandoning all their long term debts, etc. The transportation industry wouldn't be able to handle the influx. Israel wouldn't be able to handle the increase in housing without prices going through the roof. The food industry would not be able to keep up with the demand.

If you like I can unplug you from the Matrix and introduce you to the world of Emunah, a world without despair, a world waiting to be revealed. All you have to do is to be willing to give up your life, a life dependent upon approval of the world.

You see, you take too much for granted that the only reason you are here is to emass as much wealth as you can. The real reason any of us are here is for Tikkun Hanefesh through the eyes of Emunah.
Oh Baruch...
We are in 2 different worlds...

Trust me..I'm not here to amass fortunes..and I live a life of emunah to the best of my ability.
Emunah to me is faith in God. Not in the State of Israel..not in America..not in anything..
Just to follow his laws and be in his hands.

I see in your lifestyle a trying so desperately to force his hand and make this current state the final Messiah.
I find it almost comical to watch a long line of Right Wing leaders ascend to the highest office..only to give back more land. I mean..10 years ago Sharon was THE right winger..and look what he did..
Can't you..?
The world is not in our hands?
Do you need Kahana himself to give back land..to see it?
Where we differ is..I firmly believe that we are still in Galus. And the approach of Jews in Galus has always been a submissive one. That is not a lack of Emunah...rather..the highest level of Emunah.

The fact that Jews are coming to Israel..might well be part of the Messianic process as might be the explosion of technology. But that doesn't mean we have to act on it..as if it were the Messiah himself.
Baruch Eliezer said…
Again more will formed sentences and ideas, but you still need some more thought into what is said. You are right we are in two different worlds. You have yet to give up the galut of the mind, your thoughts, your ideas.

I wish you all the hatzlachah there is to you and your family and my offer still stands at any time. Lady Light knows how to get in touch with me.
You mean..I haven't embraced YOUR idea of redemption just as a Christian might tell me the same thing.
I don't need your compliments as to my writing skills, but thank you anyway.
In the meantime I'll keep praying..for the sake of all Jews living in israel and elsewhere that the likes of you never get anywhere near power.
Baruch Eliezer said…
I thought your last message was a little over the top since your previous comments linked Lady Light and myself through your snide comments to racism, geonocide, Rabbi Kahanah, and equated me with a Christian since I appear to be as inflexable as you in my belief.

Remember what Rabbi Nachman says, Be happy in all that you do.
While my sentences and ideas seem to be becoming more well formed as we progress (in your words) yours definitely seem to be descending into absolute chaos.
I'm not even going to try to decipher that last comment..
Just remember.
We are all connected by a common fate. No one knows what that fate is and it's not our job to focus incessantly on the end of days and to force Gods hand in redemption. As a student of history I can tell you..nothing good has ever come of those attempts. You should be worried about your own personal redemption and freedom..free your soul..and then you'll find happiness.

Just remember happiness does not mean recklessness...
Lady-Light said…
eitan: The government already has (supposedly)some incentives in place for toshavim chozrim , albeit small ones. You should ask your local Aliyah shaliach.
baruch eliezer & David-on-the-Lake:
Boys, boys, take it easy! It's fine to have an argument-er-vehement discussion, but let's keep it civil on both sides, ok? We're civilized people, not like those other guys. . . !
Anonymous said…
lady-light: thanks for the info. My plans are to get a degree in education and to return to Israel. BTW: I'm feeling a lot better so thx for the support!
Lady-Light said…
eitan: Three important things you should remember:
1) Take care of your health and your well-being, first and foremost,
2) Take care of your education & acquire a profession where you can make a living in Israel, and then
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