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Every time I went to my blog to post since the attack in Jerusalem, I saw my last post and became upset and despondent. I needed to post something positive and upbeat to counteract the last one, a post that would show us a path to true change in the "matzav" that Israelis live through day after day, and Manhigut Yehudit provided me with it, here on their blog. Moshe Feiglin expresses similar ideas to mine in my last post. He shows the futility of trying to integrate Arabs into a Jewish Nation with a 2,000 year-old Jewish yearning to return to Zion. It's not their culture, it's not their religion, and it's not their land. The situation is becoming critical, with terrorists hiding out in Arab neighborhoods; they are, pashut, an enemy of Israel and a "fifth column." An excerpt from the Manhigut Yehudit blog:
The current and previous Israeli governments have allowed areas where “Israeli”-Arabs live throughout Israel to become unpoliced terrorist safe havens where anti-Israel resentment runs deep. The results of this policy have proven disastrous. Jews know all too well that a wrong turn while driving almost anywhere in Israel can spell the end of their lives. Is this any way to live?

, this is not a way to live. Israel needs to be the safe homeland of the Jewish people, not the place where it is becoming more dangerous for Jews than the rest of the world (except for say, France)

As I wrote in my last post, we can assist them to leave, if necessary. This co-existence isn't working, thanks to them. What is wrong with having a Jewish State? There are Arab/Muslim States? Christian States--not officially, but culturally--why not "allow" us to have a Jewish State?

And why should anyone dictate what kind of a state we have, or decide if Israel "should exist," anyway? Is the world reviewing and discussing the justification for the existence of the state of, say, Jordan? How about Syria? Saudi Arabia? How about the Sudan, where genocide or "ethnic cleansing" (murder, by any name) is being committed as I write this? Nobody questions the existence of Kenya, or India, with it's sometimes-rigged elections and often violence at election time. Why the obsessive global preoccupation with tiny Israel, for gosh sakes, when there are so many atrocities going on all over the world?
I mentioned in my previous post that if necessary, we should even assist the Arabs to leave: make it attractive for them. They would be happier in an Arab country, anyway.

As the Manhigut Blog states:
Israeli-Arabs should be encouraged with significant financial incentives to make their homes and futures elsewhere. Instead of financing the fraudulent "peace process" at the cost of 1.5 billion dollars each year, Israel could easily underwrite this emigration in less than a decade.

Maybe it's time we got started.


Kerry said…
I agree 100 % . Let's all work to get the word out and get Moshe Feiglin elected as PRIME MINISTER of THE PROMISED LAND!! Please go to their website and become a sponsor/donor !!
Shalom Aleichem, Gotorah
Lady-Light said…
kerry: Thanks for visiting. I have donated to them already and read Moshe Feiglin's book, "Where There Are No Men." The Manhigut Yehudit main website is at: http://www.jewishisrael.org/
Their blog (in English) is at:

For Hebrew readers go to Moshe Feiglin's Hebrew website, at:

To learn more about Mr. Feiglin in English, go to this page on their main site:

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