Why Do I Always End Up Posting Erev Shabbat?

I was trying to figure it out: I have all week, while I'm looking for work; why is it that I save it all up to post erev Shabbat, when I should be:

1) cleaning,
2) doing laundry,

3) cooking, and
4) baking

Instead, I'm sitting at the computer, having this strong need to express that:

1) I sometimes feel as if the world is going to POT. There are wildfires in California, levees being breached in Missouri, flooded cities in Iowa, and heat waves on the East Coast. My new daughter in law, to whom I spoke earlier, is afraid to visit the U.S. because of all the Day After Tomorrow - type weather we are having (le-havdil. Have you seen that movie? In the light of the fact of global warming it might not be so far-fetched; G-d forbid. . . )
2) I'm upset about the political and military-security path Israel is taking. The so-called "cease-fire" has been declared, but of course (as we all knew it would) it has already been breached by mortars fired from Gaza, as written on Arutz Sheva (Israel National News):
Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said that Arab breaches of the "lull" must be met with military action and Vice Prime Minister Chaim Ramon said the understandings with Hamas need to be reexamined.
When Tzipi Livni says that, you know things are not as they should be, right?

3) I get angry with the world when Meryl Yourish has to write about the (I'm being sarcastic here) extremely unbiased Associated Press which seems to blame the cease-fire breaches on Israel's closing the border crossings, as in their cleverly worded article, here.

4) -And we all know that the U.S. economy is in a blue-funk recession, unemployment is up (yours truly included), the dollar is (to be read with a Yiddish accent)
drahpping like flies, and as If that weren't enough,

5) N
ow I read on Arutz Sheva( seen on MEMRI), that Muslim terrorists May be Trying to Sink the Dollar.

So it warmed my heart to see this video below by the Fellowship Bible Church, which really expresses the Torah values of mitzvot bein adam le-havero - good midot, which are attributes, characteristics or behaviors to strive for in relationships between human beings, such as:
Think of the other person, don't be selfish, don't make assumptions about others, greet people with a friendly, positive attitude, do chesed
(acts of loving kindness).

At least it gives me hope, that some religious people or groups - Jews, Christians and hopefully others - are striving to keep the essence of hevei kabel et ha-adam be-sevehr panim yafot (greet everyone with a positive countenance), and ve-ahavta le-re'acha kamocha (love thy neighbor as thyself).

Oh, and by the way--I am not doing all those things mentioned at the start of this post, because:

1) My house is clean
2) I already did the laundry
3) We're invited out every Shabbat Mevarchim to the same friends (it's a chazakah already!)
4) My husband is doing the cooking for Shabbat lunch (!)
5) We have challot for this Shabbat, but next week I'll be baking for next Shabbat, b-ezrat Hashem. . . !

Shabbat Shalom.


Jack said…
Good Shabbos.
Bar Kochba said…
Shavuah tov.

The world is falling apart. The Geula is soon. Just keep smiling. ;)
Lady-Light said…
Jack: Thank you; hope you also had a good Shabbat.
bar kochba: I'm getting worried; yes, the world is falling apart. But I don't know if the Ge'ula is coming...
What if the world is just, "falling apart?" (As you can see, my emunah needs a little חיזוק . . .

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