Meet: Ohr Chadash

As you can see, today I changed and added some elements to my blog homepage (I really lose track of time when I'm at the 'puter; it's been hours and I'm starving), so please feel free to give me a little feedback as to how they look.  Right now, I'd like to tell you a bit about one of my new additions: Ohr Chadash.

In my opinion, Ohr Chadash is one of the most wonderful sites on the web.  It is run by Rabbi Avraham Arieh and Rabanit Rachel Trugman, who have been involved in Jewish education and teaching Jewish spiritual paths for over thirty years.

They have run Jewish programs for adults and youth, in Israel and the United States. For years Rabbi Trugman directed the NCSY youth group (founded by the Orthodox Union) in Denver, Colorado. Way before that, in 1976, the Trugmans were one of the founding families of Moshav Modiim, and the Rav served as the Director of Jewish Education on the Moshav, while Rabanit Rachel was one of the main educators.

After their return to Israel in 1995, they founded the organization called Ohr Chadash: New Horizons in Jewish Experience.  Through Ohr Chadash, by running a myriad of programs at institutions and universities in Israel and the U.S., they show the richness, relevancy and depth of Judaism to Jewish youth, religious and secular alike.

On their website, you can find the most wonderful audio classes taught by Rav Trugman, and a fantastic search tool for scholars and laymen alike: the Tanach Word and Gematria Search Tool which, as far as I'm aware, is the most advanced such search tool to be found online.

In addition to being an educator, Rabanit Rachel is a licensed family therapist and an artist, having published a children's coloring book on the Talmud.  Rav Avraham is also an author of several books involving Jewish mystical concepts, such as The Mystical Meaning of Dreams (which I own), and The Mystical Power of Music (which I want to own). He has also composed hauntingly spiritual original music for the dulcimer, which he plays, and is also a storyteller; see his story, The Story That Has Never Been Told.

The Trugmans are available for teaching and lecturing and as scholars-in-residence.   I am honored to be counted among their friends.
Please, visit their site - and support them!


God bless their efforts and yours too!..ty for visiting and commenting at WHT~! :)

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