Is the South Seceding from the "Union"?

I just saw this on Joe Settler, and it, well--unsettled me. It seems that, according to this YNet article, some Negev communities are planning on taking matters into their own hands and organizing into an "independent Western Negev State," with its first act of defiance towards the government a tax strike.

They are angry over the government's inaction in the face of daily rocket and terrorist attacks. The residents of Nir Arm, Kfar Aza and Miflasim are also distrustful of the cease-fire, believing that it will be ineffective and I would add, will probably be used by Hamas to re-arm and re-group, if last summer's war in Lebanon taught us anything. As far as the idea of 'seceding from the union' goes (they said):

We are not the one's [sic] breaking away from the State, it is the government that has led us to this.

They feel as if the government has abandoned them, not the other way around. I was wondering how long it would take before someone 'couldn't take it anymore.' I mean, what do you do, when you come to the realization that your not your government at all; that your government is not "The Government of The People" anymore?

So far, regional representatives are holding protests in tents set up at the Nir Am and Magen Junction, calling for the area to break away from Israel. "To break away from Israel! " Do you realize what this means? This is the beginning of an attempt to make a radical change in the status quo of the Israeli government continuing on its path of leftist wimpiness and appeasement. The government's disinterest, or lack of strength, or fear of withdrawal of U.S. support or a combination of all of those reasons and who knows what else--poor self-esteem? A ghetto mentality? - resulting in its lack of aggressive action against these terrorist attacks, have finally caused the residents of that affected region to snap.

See an news video on the attacks on Sederot, here. If they finally snapped, who can blame them? Should they form their own army, as Joe Settler suggests? What would you do? What would I. . . ?

What does this portend for the future? Who will be our modern Moshe Rabbenu? There is another named Moshe. . . but is he ready to lead? Is he capable? Does he have the fortitude? And most importantly, will the majority of Israelis be behind him?

ממשה למשה, לא קם כמשה . . .


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