My Foreign Policy: A Synopsis

My last post was long (and probably long-winded as well), so I am now posting a considerably shorter one. I wrote previously about Israel needing to be strong and unafraid. Thank G-d I am not a "lone voice in the wilderness."
Here is Tovia Singer (my hero!) with a synopsis:

This will be My Foreign Policy (...if elected as PM...or President...or...)
( כמו שכולם עם שכל כבר יודעים, כהנא צדק)


Bar Kochba said…
I missed you.

We need a real leader now. Am Yisrael Chai!
Lady-Light said…
bar kochba: Thank you. At least somebody missed me. Yup to 'real leader.' Have anyone in mind? I don't see anything on the horizon in Israel, except maybe for Moshe Feiglin, and I really don't know if he's going anywhere...

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