The Reason to Support Israel

I began responding to a comment by "joseph" on my previous post, when I realized I should just post about it--it was that important. So here it is:

You say Senator Barack Obama is good for America, because he will stop America from financially supporting the Arabs or Israel. From what I know about him and his record, I don't think he will support Israel.

In any event, I agree with the former: not supporting the Arabs, yes; but I totally disagree with not supporting Israel. The Arab rulers are multi-millionaires, who are not only keeping the power and money for themselves without regard to their own people, many of whom are impoverished and exploited, but they are also holding the United States and much of the rest of the world 'over a barrel' by their control of the price of oil, which they know that the USA desperately needs to function.

They are cutthroat , authoritarian and barbaric (with some exceptions; can't think of any off the top of my head at this moment) in their culture, which hasn't changed in hundreds of years. What have they in sum toto contributed to the world ("full of sound and fury, signifying nothing")? Not very much.

In contrast, Israel, which historically is the land given to the Jews by G-d and has had a Jewish presence for thousands of years, should be the homeland of the Jewish People, who have been persecuted from forever by almost the entire world.

It is the only democracy in the region, has contributed a myriad of good things to the world at large, including technological and medical inventions and advances used world-wide to improve and save lives, and humanitarian aid to people in dire situations from either barbaric warring African régimes or warlords, or from natural disasters such as tsunamis and earthquakes; or didn't you know about that (read my previous posts under the label "Israel")?

Israel, despite it's flaws (and it has many) is, in my humble opinion, America’s only hope for the future as a free country; because anyone with eyes and a brain can see that the world is ‘going to hell in a hand basket.’ Radical Islam seems to be taking a hold everywhere, and no country as yet has had the moral courage to stop it.

Israel, which could have and should have stopped this Arab aggression years ago, when it had the perfect opportunity right after the Six-Day defensive War in June, 1967, did not; they didn’t follow through after winning the war which the Arabs had started (we won’t go into the reasons why in depth—that’s for another post).

One reason for that is this: Israel, with all it’s difficulties and deviations, has a different culture, and does NOT live ‘by the sword’ as do the surrounding Arabs.

It still generally follows a Jewish Ethic, straight from the Torah, folks. Christians call it The Golden Rule (do unto others as you would have them do unto you).
It comes from the Jewish Bible and Holy Teachings:

1) Treat the Stranger in Your Midst with Kindness, for You Were Once Strangers in Egypt,
2)“ve-Ahavta le-Re’ahka Kamokha-“ and you shall love thy neighbor as thyself.

After that war Israel tried to enter into peace agreements time and time again, even without concessions by the Arabs – heck, many of them still won’t even recognize Israel as a Jewish State – to no avail.

They have even returned land captured in the war-the Sinai desert, the Gaza Strip-and for what? For kassams raining down on Sederot, Ashkelon and other cities? For suicide bombers killing citizens in a shopping mall in Dimona (who were, by the way, members of Fatah; Israel's supposed 'partner for peace')? For snipers targeting babies while they are being held in their father’s arms?
At the very least, the Arabs were given back a desert transformed into a green, growing, producing land complete with greenhouses-they didn't have to build it all from nothing-the Jews did that for them-so what did they do with it? Did they develop a solid infrastructure in order to create a State? Did they create a viable economy? Did they employ, feed, house and clothe their citizens? Nope. They, like the animals they are, destroyed what they were given and turned the area into dreck*.

Answer my question: If you saw three strapping young Chassidic men dressed in long kapotehs and shtreimels walking together down the street towards you, would you panic in fear of their attacking you, and run like hell? How about if you saw three strapping young Arab-type men walking down the street? What then?
You need to be HONEST with yourselves and face the TRUTH full in the face. Don’t hide from the facts.

Here’s one for you: most Muslims aren’t terrorists. BUT MOST TERRORISTS OVER THE YEARS HAVE BEEN MUSLIM.

These are only a few reasons why the United States should support Israel, financially and ideologically.

Israel, except for America, hasn’t a friend in the world. But when the last days are finally here, it will be Israel, all alone, who will have to save the world from total destruction. Or not.

The hope of the free world rests with Israel. Support the People of the Book.




muse said…
Lots of good things in the post.

Remember that no matter how "pro-Israel" US Pres candidates have been, they've been bad news for us when in power.
Beaman said…
I agree with your post. It still confounds me how people still do not understand the Islamic threat growing against the West and that Israel is a free democracy fighting the very same religious fuelled violence we all are.
you could say the same about Israeli prime ministers
Lady-Light said…
DavidontheLake: Unfortunately, you are so right; neither US Presidents, nor Israel's own Prime Ministers have been so good for Israel. How depressing. So, vote for Moshe Feiglin and Manhigut Yehudit!
Lady-Light said…
muse: Correct. Read what I wrote to David. Something's gotta change!
beaman: This is a warped world where up is down, right is wrong, and evil is good. Go figure.
G-d forbid, they "won't understand it" until it's too late. . .
Anonymous said…
I think the world gets it now. Israelis have a right to freedom.Palestinians don't. I'm sure you think it's fine that they starve to death. No wonder they hate us so much. Think about it. You're not anymore special than they are.
Lady-Light said…
anon: Are you attempting sarcasm? Just so I understand you. Freedom, you say? It was the Arabs who first attacked Israel from its inception; every subsequent war was because of Arab aggression: Israel never started any of them. Israel was declared a State and voted in, in 1948 and the surrounding Arab countries never accepted that Jews should live in the land they were historically tied to for centuries.
Read my posts on the history of Israel and the region; better yet, read this book: From Time Immemorial, by Joan Peters, to find out the real story behind all the lies and fabrications and 'spin' that the Arabs give the history of the region.
They are being "occupied" because those territories were captured in a war which the Arabs started; those areas should have been annexed to Israel proper in 1967.
To this day, the Arabs have not shown any interest in giving any concessions to Israel, and let's start with officially recognizing the Jewish State, huh? Next, let the Palestinian Authority (which it has little of) clamp down on the 'militants' shooting the kassam rockets into Sderot and other cities.
If some of them are 'starving,' as you put it, it's not because of Israel. Many of them work in Israel, and their working conditions and pay is far better than if they worked for their own people. Their leaders are who are keeping them down: Israel gave Gaza back to them, with means for employment and industry 'on a platter,' if you will. And what did they do with it? They trashed it. It seems they are incapable of building a state of their own, mainly because of corrupt and power-hungry leaders, and a much less civilized culture, compared to Israel. It's not Israel's job to 'feed' them: it's their own leaders who need to to this. Problem is, the Arabs don't take care of their own.
You need to educate yourself about the history of the conflict, and then perhaps you'll understand.
Thanks for your comment.

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