Finally: The 8 - Ball Meme...and the 7- Random/Weird-Things-About-Me-Meme, and, uh. . .

I was tagged twice, by Miriam and Norma. Problem is, they each tagged me for a different meme. First, was Miriam: I was tagged by her for the Eight-Ball Meme; then , more recently, Norma tagged me for the Seven-Random-or-Weird-Things -About-Me-meme.
Oy. What's a blogger to do??! Hey, here's a brilliant idea: how about combining the two! (This is either brilliant, or totally insane.)

Okay, let's go for it: I will start with the 8 - Ball questions, and underneath each 8-ball response, I will add one (1) Weird Thing answer. Does that make sense? Never mind - here goes:

For the 7 Random/Weird Things, I have to:
-first post the rules on my blog.
-Share the 7 things about me on my blog.
-Tag 7 random people at the end of the post, and link them on my post.
-Let each of the 7 know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
(Again, because I'm combining them, you'll see the 8-Ball meme first, with (as I said above) the random/weird one at the end of each 8-Ball point (is this too complicated for you?):

1) Eight Passions In My Life:

Torah Judaism
My children (I still try to manage their lives; gotta control that urge...)
Eretz Yisrael
The Hebrew language
Music & Singing
Surfing the 'net (for educational purposes only, of course. . . )
(ok, so that's 9; I didn't list 'math' as one of them, did I?)

1)One Random/Weird Thing:
I did my first drawings when I was a year and a half old. Still have them in a notebook my mother (a"h) saved.

2)Eight Things To Do Before I Die:

*Pray daily to live to 120 HEALTHY and HAPPY, with all my faculties intact.
*Publish my novel.
*Make my first million (with which I will. . . )
*Buy a place in Jerusalem!
*Buy another place in that state where my eldest daughter lives (she says she will never make aliyah. . . )
*See to it that my two unmarried daughters find a terrific shidduch for each of them.
*Learn well and practice the precept: "ezehu mechubad, ha-mechabed et ha-adam" (loose translation: 'who is honored? He who honors others.')
*Learn well and practice the precept: "ve-ahavta le-re'acha kamocha."
(loose translation: 'and ye shall love thy neighbor as thyself.')
*Be closer to my grandchildren

(Do Not tell me that was more than eight. Ever.)

2)Another Random/Weird Thing:
I had my first gray hair when I was four years old. Honest. My mother told me.

3)Eight Things I Often Say:
מה עניינים?
לא נורא!
רבונו של עולם!!!
*Oy va'avoy!
*What th-?!

3)Random/Weird Thing:
I was a mediocre student in elementary school

(but, so was Einstein, so what of it, buster?!)

4)Eight Book I've Read Recently:
(uh, what if I haven't read eight books...?)
*Muzzled - Michael Smerconish (still reading)
*High Up in the Trees - Kiara Brinkman
*My Grandfather's Son - Clarence Thomas (still reading)
*Journey From the Land of No - Roya Hakakian
*Smiling Each Day - Rabbi Avraham Twerski (ongoing)
*Tehillim (Psalms) (ongoing)
*Parashat HaShavu'ah (Torah portion of the week) - (ongoing)
*A Tale of Love and Darkness - Amos Oz
(* have several library books on hold; does that count?)

4)Random/Weird Thing:
I was a social outcast in elementary school (what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. . . )

5)Eight Songs That Mean Something to Me: (this is an easy one; music and I are inseparable. (aharon aharon haviv...)

Shir la-Ma'alot - Yosef Karduner (to hear it, click here.)

All the albums of Michael Shapiro (there are 5; if you count each one as one song, I've only got 2 more to list!)

Ana b'Koach - Roi Yadid

Rift (my eldest son's band from the States; he is the drummer & lead singer-simultaneously!) - all songs (Click here for some really interesting music. . . )

5)Fifth Random/Weird Thing:

When I was very little...ok, not so very little...I used to suck my left thumb and twirl a lock of my hair with my right hand's middle and forefinger. I don't do that anymore. No. I don't.

6)Eight Qualities I Look for in a Friend:
*Warmth & Kindness (is that two?)
*Consideration of others
*Taking an real interest in others (e.g., listening with full attention)
*Positive attitude always ("mitzvah gedola le-he'yot be-simchah")
*Interesting to talk to (not 'dull')
*Social skills (e.g., eats with knife and fork; is polite, not rude)
*Gorgeous & Wealthy (--just kidding; I can't think of # 8!!)

6)6th Random/Weird Thing:

I love food, especially any form of hatzilim (eggplant) or falafel. And chicken.

7) 8 Bloggers to tag: (I might modify this somewhat. Oh, what the heck; why couldn't it be the 4-Ball Meme?!!)
Shalom from Jerusalem
Jack's Shack
Bar Kochba
Epes a Chosid
mom in Israel

( Like, these poor people have nothing better to do with their time than answer a long, complicated link-filled meme like this; why did I do it??!)

7)The 7th and last (
thank the Lord) Random/Weird Thing About Me:

Uh, I can't think of any. Wait, I just remembered something: I used to sing the aria "La Donna e Mobile" from Verdi's Rigoletto to myself and for guests when I was 2 years old (but not in Italian).

(Looking back over this, it took me hours to do; and my numbers are still screwed up. Oh well...)


Anonymous said…
"I love food, especially any form of hatzilim (eggplant) or falafel. And chicken."

Oy ... a REAL Jewish gastronome would have include LAMB!

After all, Moses was a Shepherd.
Lady-Light said…
Ah, my gastronomic friend returns! I look forward to your anonymous comment after every post...relating to food, that is (maybe I should write about food more often?)
But here's a queston: are you a gourmet, or merely a gourmand?!
Anonymous said…
thank you for taging me
i'll have to apply for a day off from work to finish mine....
frum satire said…
Hello lady light- you have been added to frum satires blogroll yes its belated and I apologize, if you could do the same- that would rock.
Lady-Light said…
nuch: Yupeedoodle. I was unemployed, so I could do it...whenever you're ready; just let me know, ok?
frum satire: Woo-hoo!! Thanks; give me a little son & new daughter-in-law just came in from Israel (via his sister's state), so I am swamped right now. Will get to it ASAP, promise, bli neder (I love rock).
ah interesting revelations..thanks for sharing! said…
Hello Lady Light, was wondering if you could update your blogroll to include my blog

You had asked me a while ago to include yours in my blogroll.

Lady-Light said…
womanhonorthyself: Thank you for visiting.
frumsatire: My apologies, please bear with me: have been sort of AWOL from my blog these past few visiting: you know how it is!

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