Feeling High. . .

As you can see, Chanukah and my working full-time have negatively impacted my blog; have not had the time nor energy to research topics to post. My project just ended at the end of last week, and I am posting something as a transition before my next real subject (this one's an illusion!) while I am starting another job search - but what a transition: just listen to this beauty from HaBanot Nechama, for a musical harmonial HIGH:

Music is in my soul; don't you just feel like flying? I do: my recently-married-in-June-son & daughter-in-law have just arrived in the States for a visit. I can't wait to see them!
In summation, I am grateful to G-d for my family and their milestones and achievements, one of which (just to point out two) is my eldest daughter's new baby carrier company which you can go to by clicking on http://www.babyktan.com/, and I can't close without a hearty Happy Birthday to my soldier-daughter, Tzipi, who completes her 19th year in the secular calendar today. Yom huledet sameach, motek!!


muse said…
Mazal Tov
I'm very impressed by the baby carrier. Which is your daughter?
Lady-Light said…
muse: Hi, thanks for visiting. I actually have two daughters on that site, the inventor, whose site it is, and my middle daughter, the webmaster, who lives in Israel. I'll give you a hint: the inventor's name is Michal...
p.s. I'm so sorry I missed the KCC again. No time. I'll try to do it for the next one (bli neder).
Lady-Light said…
muse: Forgot to add-my middlest daughter also sings the vocals for the slideshow. Go to "photo gallery," and guess who she is.

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