Recycling Trash, Israel Style

Even though we recycle here in the States, I am not aware that we do it on such a large scale - we still could surely learn something from this one:

Israel is officially turning a stinky place-a BIG stinky place - into a public park. It is the Hiriya garbage dump outside of Tel-Aviv, and it is being developed into a huge public park, with different parts of the waste being recycled separately to make some elements of the park, such as plastic and wood - while the methane gases are being harnessed to produce electricity.

“At first I thought it should go,” said Martin Weyl, a former director of the Israel Museum, who first came up with the idea of turning the dump into an attraction. “But then I thought garbage is a big part of our lives. We shouldn’t hide it.”

One of the advisors on this tremendous project is Laura Starr who was the former design chief for Central Park in New York City (the Hiriya park will be approximately twice its size.).
To get to the official Hiriya website, click on this post's title link. For more photos of the projected park, see here.

And, the name of this park, you ask? - why, the Ariel Sharon Park, of course.

Imagine. Naming a dump after Arik Sharon (eh, one good dump-as in the 'dumping' of the residents of Gush Katif-deserves another...)


Batya said…
It would be more suitable to name a vegetable patch after Arik.

I can't believe it. They're turning Hiriya, the epitome of bad environmental management, into a PARK? And naming it after SHARON? And he's not even DEAD yet.


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