Here We Go Again...!

Another phony attempt at so-called "peace-talks" is coming up at Annapolis this week. I say 'phony' because it is Israel who is offering concessions while the Arabs have not stopped the kassam attacks coming from Gaza and are basically not offering anything, just demanding more and more.
Arlene Peck says it so well.

It just angers me so much, that I am beside myself. I find myself repeating myself to friends, in letters to the editor in newspapers, on my blog, and it falls on deaf ears. I could be sending this to the State Department; and it would still fall on deaf ears.

What kind of stupidity is this, Israel 'getting together 'with Arab nations who hate her, some of whom won't even change their charters to acknowledge that she exists or has a right to exist-to conduct talks for 'peace?' When the basic premise hasn't even been met yet?
And have you noticed that the world doesn't acknowledge Israel's contributions, to anything? The few times that National Palestinian Radio--I mean, National Public Radio--even mentions Israel are when they can show her in a negative light, and condemn her for something-anything:
The "refugee" problem (which UNRWA is perpetuating and the Arabs are exploiting for their nefarious purposes), the "occupation" (as a result of a defensive war against several Arab nations' imminent attack in 1967), the checkpoints which "humiliate" the Palestinians (G-d forbid we should 'humiliate' some potential suicide bomber or terrorist trying to infiltrate into Israel) and the like.

Unfortunately, even Israel herself doesn't stand up for herself! Olmert is planning on giving away the farm-in direct contrast to his
statements in 1994 that Jerusalem and Hevron should be under Jewish sovereignty.

But then again, I don't trust what any politician says. Who would have thought that the great military hawk Ariel Sharon who was strongly in favor of Jewish settlements would ever remove entire Jewish cities and viable economic communities on masse as he did in the "Disengagement"from Gaza? And for what? How did Israel and the Jewish people benefit from this? Instead, politically, militarily, economically and socially - on both sides - it is an unmitigated disaster!

Have you seen any positive programming in the media about Israel at all lately? Have you seen perhaps, a US stamp commemorating anything Jews or Israel have done recently? On the other hand, here are some efforts done recently in the name of Islam:

In case you are not quite sure - because of the general anti-Israel Weltanschauung and negative media - of what Israel has done that is praiseworthy, please allow me to show you a little slideshow, and I will end on a positive note. Compare this to what the other side has contributed to humanity over the years (ok, fine, falafel was invented by Arabs):

Did you note that Israeli volunteers have to hide the fact that they are Jewish when they are giving humanitarian aid in African countries? Now, what's wrong with that picture?!)

(תודה עבור זה, חדוה!)


yingerman said…
I am a proud Jew.

But dont try to fool your self, the world will never admit why it needs us.
Human nature is like that.
Lady-Light said…
Hey, thanks for stopping by! Just visited your blog for the first time, and it is funny. I like funny.
Now, in response to your comment: yes, you are right. But what do you mean by 'human nature?' Is it a feeling of, maybe, inferiority? Insecurity? Afraid to call the emperor naked?
This question of why the world doesn't admit it needs the Jews (or doesn't praise the Jews, or acknowledge Jewish contributions, etc.)is meat for the psychologist's plate. Let's discuss it...
Miriam said…
You have been officially tagged! :0)
yingerman said…
regarding Human Nature, G-d created us with the inborn feelings of ego the need to be proud. Nobody wants to be a slave, and that doesnt refer to picking cotton in the hot sun for hours.
It can mean dependancy on another human or even G-d. thats why G-d stays more or less hidden.
think about the generation that left Egypt, they literally saw G-d, nevertheless they were the first Jews to create an Idol.
WT...heck were they thinking?
But in reality G-d created us like that.
Humans dont like to be controlled, manipulated or even told what to do.
Even from the L-rd Himself.

the nations dont want to admit that anybody could be more moral, better behaved or smarted than they are.
They dont wanna hear it
Even hear a Black person say they would rather be White?
Even you as a female, would you ever feel "oooh I wish I was a man"
Aint gonna happen,
well not usually anyway.
A persons selfworth depends on their feeling superior.

Now we get to antisemitism, which a parsha on its own. There are some, I dare say most, who will say that its the same feeling of insecurity on the nations part. "who gives you the right to claim to be 'chosen'". maybe. or possible its self induced with our wierd ways and incomprehensible rituals.
I, though am convinced that its a tool of G-d to keep us in check, rarely have you heard of hate towards the upstanding g-d fearing jew. the greatest acts of anti semitism have all occurred when we tryed to blend in with the nations and lose our unique g-d given opportunities.
when where the greatest lose of jewish life?
think spanish inquisition or Egypt 1000 BCE or our very own Holocaust just 60 years ago.
what did these have in common?
very simple the Jew became a public figure/leader in non-natively jewish fields. (DISCLAIMER: there is nothing wrong with being a professional
doctor or lawyer)
in 1930 Europe the Jews accounted for 80-90% of doctor/professors/lawyers/scientists, the news had the Jew in it constantly. Easy target when it comes to lay blame. Remember the famous Jew who got rich/credit with that invention? Well he took it from one of us, the Jew becomes an outsider.
in spain the jew ran the kingdom from lands to finances to politics.
and in Egypt the pasuk says וּבְנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל, פָּרוּ וַיִּשְׁרְצוּ וַיִּרְבּוּ וַיַּעַצְמוּ--בִּמְאֹד מְאֹד; וַתִּמָּלֵא הָאָרֶץ, אֹתָם.
the son of Yisroel were 1 fruitful, 2 took nationwide root, 3multiplied, 4 solidified 5 alot 6alot.
thats 6 expressions
and continues
the land filled with them
why the extra land filled statement?
becuase the pasuk indicates that they took all the public office Yosef started the honest Jew can run things well, and the family continued.
Until the point where we know the Jews kept nothing but their Jewish style clothing, still spoke hebrew, and still had hebrew names.
Next pasuk tells us that anti semitism started, coincidence?
Jews dont believe in those.

my apologies for the run on and lousy grammer
I got carried away.
Sore subject with me.

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