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First of all I want to thank all my readers (especially my son-in-law, who relates to me as a son) who commented and emailed me with empathy and support. Those comments and the care went a long way to improving my matzav ruach. As someone said, I hit a 'rough patch' and I shouldn't give up. I will not.

Just a quick note before Shabbat, as I didn't want to leave my blog sitting there with such a gloomy post (see, sometimes husbands are right: when he read it he told me I shouldn't have posted it...but only sometimes!)

I am so happy that my older son is engaged to marry a wonderful girl whom the whole family (all his siblings) love (just like my younger son's wife!). I am so looking forward to returning to Israel in the spring for the wedding, but again, it's going to be a family oriented trip, and not a sightseeing one.

One of my readers said that we should emphasize the positive, and she is right; dwelling on the negative never helps, and only clouds the whole picture. So I thank G-d for all the blessings He has visited upon me.

My eldest daughter is a fantastic entrepreneur, married to a wonderful man and has three great chilren; her brother, my older son, just started a new job (which G-d willing will turn into a career) and just got engaged to a great girl from Ashdod; his younger brother achieved Tank Crew Commander in the IDF, and just married a great girl from Yerushalayim; his younger sister (Toodles) who designed the logos for his wedding invitations and benchers-she is so talented-just returned to Israel and is back in college studying for her B.B.A. she is currently working on designs for her older brother's invitations; her younger sister - my baby - is a chayelet mitztayenet in her combat engineering unit in the IDF.

I am so blessed with wonderful children and I am so proud of them. The rest, should just fall into place, b'ezrat Hashem and b'sha'ah tovah.

Again, thank you so much for being there: You are who make this blog!

(Here are photos of some people really important to me. Just sharing my wealth):

Shabbat Shalom to you all!


muse said…
You are very rich, and don't you ever forget it!
Lady-Light said…
muse: you are a SWEETIE!! תודה!
Great post - and very flattering, too. :) I'm mulling over a new post and hope to get something up soon. Love the photos!!
Bar Kochba said…
Great pics! Baruch Hashem, you seem better than last post. G-d bless you!
Norma said…
Lovely photos. Hope things are looking up.
Lady-Light said…
To All My Commenters: I apologize to all the kind people who commented on this post. Because I started work (temporary)I have not had the time nor energy to sit at the computer and blog, let alone respond to your comments.
I hope to do so, soon. Stay tuned. . .
ari said…
How is your health?
Lady-Light said…
ye'he sh'mey: Thank you for reading. I'll try to get to your blog, too.
bar kochba: Have not had time to visit for a while. 'Better' is relative; thank you for the blessing, though.I need as many as I can get...
norma: Thank you; I, too, am amazed and thankful each time I view them.
ari: My health is not as bad as I thought it was, thank G-d; but there are still some major areas I need to work on. Thank you for asking.
the sabra said…
(alternating b/w whistling and shouting)

awesome pics!

(more coherent n intelligent response coming in the next decade. bli neder)
Lady-Light said…
sabra: Why, thank you! And to think you could have met some of them on your last trip, but you "didn't have the time," or some such excuse (kidding)! See what you missed?!

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