Israel is Israel (click for "The Isaiah Plan")

As per my previous post stating that I have no energy to write, I am basically pointing my finger to the blog on the Israel National News (called "Arutz Sheva" or 'channel seven' in Hebrew) website by Tamar Yonah (click on the title link to read the article) and saying, "yes, that is exactly my view. Right on!"

I just don't have the energy to write about it myself right now: too much to do, too little time. . .

It's ok, read about it there. Since to date, Israel is not going about it's affairs in the direction I want it to go to achieve "The Isaiah Plan," I am sure that I'll have plenty of opportunity to write about it later.

I hope I'm wrong.


Batya said…
I'm also blogging on A7
Lady-Light said…
batya: Happened to be perusing A7 the other day, and I saw it! I am impressed!
(Do they pay you--key word there--'cause I could use some NIS, too!)
Bar Kochba said…
Tamar's post is great. If only the leaders of the world would realize that Israel is for Israel.
Yehudi01 said…
I also enjoyed this post. Israel would do well to remove the muslim/arab population from inside it's borders and force the rest of the arab world to deal with the paslestinian issue. It belongs to us...G-d said it and that ends it. I wish it was that easy.
Lady-Light said…
bar kochba:Yes; unfortunately, we (Jews and Israel) don't have a friend in the world. We can only depend on ourselves (and Hashem!)
yehudi01: Not everyone believes in the veracity of the Bible. Let's not even use that argument; let's say, the Jewish People need a land of their own, in order not to be persecuted by other nations as 'strangers' in a land not theirs. What better place than a land to which they are historically tied? And the fact that they built it up from a desert and a swamp might entitle them to it as well. We could have deported the Arab population right after the Six-Day War in June 1967 (remember, Rav Meir Kahane proposed it. Nobody listened.)Now, it is not so simple. G-d forbid, something terrible will have to happen before the world "allows" us to do that.
Miri said…
Look, the lady who wrote the article made good points when she brought up all the failed peace plans and historical facts about the origin and founding of this country. But I'm a little disturbed by her definition of the word "rightousness." As a citizen and resident of Israel, I feel that while yes, there must be other solutions than giving away our land for nothing, we won't be accomplishing G-d's will by assuming the right to massacre another people. I mean, let's be honest - G-d's pretty good at massacring people on His own time. You really think He needs our help? Maybe I shouldn't talk because I don't have a viable solution myself. But fighting violent propaganda with violent propaganda doesn't sound to me like G-d's will. It sounds like a hurt and angry nation that's been kicked and broken and bleeding for several thousand years turning desperate. Which is legitimate in its own right, just not, you know...divine.

In my personal opinion.
Lady-Light said…
miri: Thank you for your comment. My reply to yours began to grow a life of it's own, so I decided to post it. Please read, and thank you for visiting.

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