Here It Is, Folks: The Real* "Protocols:"

I wasn't going to, but I finally just had to post this before Shabbat:
found this first on Meryl's site, then searched out this Rav-musician-guy on the 'net (click on title link for one of his sites.) Seems he knows the whole truth about why we Jews are so loved by the world. With a catchy beat like this, who wouldn't want to get on the bandwagon, right?
So, go on now - cook for Shabbat and shtof the floors while listening to this. Me, I'm gonna go bake challah. (thanks, LV!) Shabbat Shalom.

For information on the fake* Protocols of Zion, click here.


Beaman said…
That is such a great video. Perfectly ironic. Thanks for the tip. :)

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