adjusting my body clock

We just returned from Israel today; if you start the count from the time we left for the airport in Tel-Aviv to the time we landed here in the mountain time zone where we live, it was a sojourn of twenty-three hours, including flight-time, waiting on airport lines (JFK was the worst) in order to get our boarding passes, checking overstuffed pieces of luggage, etc. -not to mention squeezing our tushes into those tiny little airplane seats and sitting for 11 hours watching our feet bloat.

Suffice it to say, we're back. And except for the driving, I miss Israel already. Might be the fact that I have four (count 'em--4) kids there.

One was just married-the reason for our visit back so soon after our last one six months ago-and to my great surprise, two more are in (what they say are) serious relationships.

I say, make a double wedding, which would save us a boodle of money (you know, kill two birds with one stone, two for the price of one, etc.) My husband just says send them tickets to elope to Cyprus and gamarnu.' I hope he's joking. (Don't know how we will pay for another wedding though; have to pay this one off, first!)

Meanwhile, while I was sleeping-er-gone-from-blogsville, Elie was kind enough to tag me for the Meme of Eight (why do I have this uncontrollable urge to shout out a la Dori in the movie Finding Nemo: Pick me! Pick me! )

Well, (never begin a sentence with 'well') I am too tired to do anything about it now; having been trying to hold out and stay awake until 8 or so in order to get my body clock into local time, I am fighting a losing battle.

It's 5:45 p.m. and I ain't gonna make it 'till 8 (guess I'm just too old to traipse around the world like that. Or not.)

Unpacking will have to wait 'till probably just before Shabbat, knowing me.
But I promise (bli neder) that I'll get to the Meme of Eight for my next post.

For now (yawn), lailah tov!


muse said…
Glad you survived.
wish more of my kids were married, G-d willing, Chupah l'fi Torah etc

I'm off to NY next week
Norma said…
I had a very low budget wedding--wore my sister's dress, reception in the church hall, etc. Even so, Dad offered to "hold the ladder" if we wanted to elope. 47 years now.
Lady-Light said…
Norma: I see nothing wrong with the type of wedding you had; in fact, it's so much more heimish (good Yiddish word; means something like 'cozy' or 'homey.')American weddings, Jewish and Christian, tend to be way over the top financially. One family feels compelled to out-do the next ('keeping up with the Joneses' or the 'Schwartzes,' as the case might be).
That is one of the reasons I was happy that my son wanted to marry in Israel; it is much more laid back there: the focus is on making the bride and groom happy, rather than outdressing your neighbor. My own wedding, sounds as if it was the Jewish equivalent of yours: Orthodox ceremony in the synagogue, only 100 people or fewer,with buffet reception after. I wore an off-white suit; my husband had just finished basic training in the US army, and had no suit--so he wore his dress greens!
BTW-your father sounds like a man after my own heart: kind with a sense of humor. Hold the ladder, indeed!
May your marriage last happily forever!
For us, it's 39 years this October.)
Lady-Light said…
Muse: I was worried, too, until my son indicated he was serious about the girl I introduced him to (!)Then, after more than 10 "dry" years, it happened: a)younger son gets married, b)older son is in a serious relationship, and c)youngest daughter is in a serious relationship -- in rapid succession! Just my middlest daughter hasn't found someone yet-and she is quite a catch, I must say (bli ayin ra'ah, poo poo poo!)
How many kids do you have, and how many are married?

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