I Have Two Married Children!!

Hello? Are you there? Are you still there?

I have been away for--good lord--one whole month!! I have not had the time to post, although I have had some access to a computer (this one being my older son's; the one who is not yet married; but he has a serious girlfriend. . . ), my time on it was spent in practical and necessary matters: searching for apartments, going through RSVP lists for the wedding, checking for hasa'ot rentals (transportation rentals) to get far-flung guests to the wedding, etc. And that, sporadically, when I wasn't helping with my grandchildren, or running around (eh, more like limping, actually) shopping for Shabbat or calling various people/caterers/venue-managers regarding wedding preparations.

Well, it's a done deal. My younger son is married. To the Israeli girl I introduced him to at our home in the States.

OMIGOSH: My Younger Son is Married!!!! That can't be. No, no--he was just born: there he is, actually lifting his head up from the table where the doctor placed him, right after he slipped out (yes, really--almost in the elevator) completely encased in his amniotic sac and colored a deep purple. here he is: a chubby-cheeked toddler, smiling at me from the brown koorsah (easy chair) in the living room in our old house, while I photograph him holding his new baby sister, born just two months before his third birthday (that photo is in a family photo collage on the stairway wall); wait, he is a skinny eight-year-old. . . wait, now it's his bar-mitzvah on Purim (13 Adar II, his actual b'date) and we are having the celebration at our old house in a big tent in our yard, many of the guests having arrived still in their Purim costumes (I think my son was Darth Vader) - here he is at sixteen putting on a show with his aforementioned younger sister for Color War in their high school; he is singing zmirot and harmonizing with his siblilngs at our Shabbat table at home. . .wait, he is married??!

This is so common, so ordinary, so human, so cliche --and still so personal and so deep:
Where has the time gone? How is it possible that I feel as if I have lived several lifetimes? It feels so long, and yet at the same time, it feels so short. . . the blink of an eye. . .
How is it possible that a microscopic speck has grown into a wonderful man?
Mah rabu ma'asecha Hashem.*

There is so much more that I want to say, but it is a jumble; my thoughts just won't organize.
I am overwhelmed.

*How great are your deeds G-d.


Aunt Laya said…
Mazal tov! So sorry we weren't able to be there in person. I got some photos from Daliah so got to see a beautiful tidbit. Sending hugs and love and smiles.
Ezzie said…
Mazel Tov!
Elie said…
What a nice reason for a blog-break! Mazel Tov!
m00kie said…
mazal tov,
gorgeous post.. hope he sees it
Mazel tov soooo nice!
muse said…
mazal tov
lots of nachas
Lady-Light said…
1)aunt laya, 2)ezzie, 3)elie, 4)m00kie, 5)swfm, & 6)muse: 1)how long will you be in khool? Will we have a chance to see you? 2)thank you! 3)I've had other reasons, but this one is the best so far! 4)thank you-I tend to be the blubbering mother-type, I'm afraid... 5)thank you! 6)thank you;G-d willing, there might be more on the horizon a bit later...and I don't know if I'll even have a chance to call you-we are running around like meshuga'im doing things for the kids most of the time; we have logged around 2,000 kilometers on the rental rechev since we got here; more than we drive in chutz la-aretz.

-I am overwhelmed by all your wonderful comments--thank you so much!
Elie said…
You are tagged with the "Meme of Eight". Have fun with it!
Jack's Shack said…
Mazal Tov.
Anonymous said…
how nice, mazel tov, mazel tov

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