An Open Letter to the World-Misplaced among the Junk Mail. . .

My "Open Letter to the World" which I had placed as a permanent addition to my sidebar has suddenly disappeared from my blog. think it might have been politically incorrect??!

Here it is again; of course,
Rabbi Kahane was right. The world was just not ready for him yet. The question is, is the world ready for him now. . .?

(if there are any techies out there who know how to get it back on my sidebar, please email me!)


Lakewood Venter said…
Od Kahane Chai! :-)
muse said…
Lady-Light said…
LV: You are one of my most loyal supporters. No matter how angry you are with me(e.g.,JIB awards...),you always come back! Thank you, LV, for being such a (virtual) friend. Hope you had a wonderful Shavuot.
Muse: Any ideas as to why the disappearance? Political? Or merely technical? I should test the widget with other videos, to see if it's consistent; haven't had the time yet...

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