The JIB Sour Grapes Award

I haven't had a chance to post since Lag ba'Omer because I have been working at a full-time temporary job, which I will write about hopefully soon. But that is not what this post is about.

Ok, I admit it. I would have loved to be even nominated to be considered for the JIB Awards. Unfortunately, at this point in time my blog doesn't even qualify to be in the "Small Blog " category (at least, I hope it doesn't; because if it does, then it means that - yikes - nobody likes it, and my ego couldn't take that!)

But I must say, at this time of the year when nominations are in progress and THE AWARD is imminent, I see a kind of cutthroat, ultra-competitive-but-whiny pick mmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee attitude among the various bloggers, and it seems a bit much. Shouldn't we be blogging for blogging's-sake, not for the sake of receiving a prize? Shouldn't we be writing what is important to us and/or the Jewish People and/or the State of Israel, rather than publishing entire posts on being nominated (for which I thank my wife, my children, my party and my adoring public for all their wonderful support in my candidacy) and asking, no, begging, for votes??!
I am wondering whether these awards are necessary, even advisable. I have seen many blogs concentrating on marketing themselves in the last few posts. It just, epes, doesn't feel right.
Maybe they (who are they, anyway?) should legislate a new "law," that no-one is allowed to promote themselves on their blogs, even after having been nominated. Institute a requirement that blogs continue to be written on their subject matter, without any self-advertising permitted; it gets a bit annoying to read and re-read posts which basically say, 'vote for ME, vote for ME - nu, you might as well vote for ME because I was nominated already (and p.s. thank you my adoring public blah blah blah).'

Ok, fine. I got this off my chest.
Now, if they only had a very tiny blog award. . .


Lakewood Venter said…
While I feel your pain at not being nominated.....I don't think that I (or other bloggers that were nominated) write our posts with winning the award in mind. We do what we do, and when we are indeed nominated for what we wrote, take pride in that fact!

Once we are nominated, I see nothing wrong in marketing ourselves for a win. (Think: I LIKE IKE, VOTE FOR CHANGE, and any other slogans that candidates champion (and pay for) to get themselves elected!)

This is a democracy, and the way votes are won (or bought) is the way of democracy: campaigning!

While I enjoy your blog, I was rather disappointed at this post which had "sore loser" written all over it! I am sure had you indeed been nominated, you would have been touting that in this very post and asking us to vote for you (which we would)

OK, I got that off my chest, now get back to being you, and blogging your thoughts!
I don't ever vote on those things. I visit the blogs I like and that has to be good enough. Those blog awards make me think of the popularity things in high school, "most likely to...", which hell would have frozen over before I would have been selected for. Sour grapes? You bet!
Batya said…
You could have nominated yourself, but I didn't. OK, I did ask my husband to nominate my Arab Mansions series, since I wanted the issue I photographed to get publicity. I had tried to sell the pictures to some Jewish newspapers, since I thought/still think it has news value.

And no, I did not send out mailings begging everyone in my address book to vote for my blogs. I didn't even write to my best friends and family.
Anonymous said…
A Snake Hunter said:

You may check the on-going chat with an Egyptian Law Student. This fellow approached us in the General
George S. Patton post. We advised him that it was an Open Forum format. reb
Anonymous said…
The student's name, 'mohamed' reb
Anonymous said…
I also do not see the point of this kind of competition.
We all know the blogs already from various aggregators so it's not a marketing thing.
It's also not a standards thing because there are none.
I guess it's a Jewish thing - the need to be competitive and tell your mom that you won something.
In short - childish.
Anonymous said…
I don't know what all these people are babbling about in their comments. This was a funny post! I peed in my pants, but that has nothing to do with what you wrote. I love you eema, and yes I regularly read your blog...
anonym00kie said…
am i the only one (aside from natan) who realized you were kidding?
you were kidding.. right? :)
Newsman said…
Well I don't care what Lakewood Ventilator says, I'll vote to nominate you for the 'very tiny Jewish blob of the year' award. Wonder if you get a nice prize if you win - maybe a cheese Danish.
Elie said…
I soured on the JIBs last year and didn't pay them much heed this time around. Here's a good post on the subject.
Lady-Light said…
Boy, did I touch a raw nerve here with this one. I mean, I received a whole ten comments--that's equivalent to XGH's 130!! (those of you fellow bloggers who know what I mean, will know what I mean...)
LV: Oy. You are taking yourself too seriously; I never (ever, ever!) said or implied that anyone ,before the nominations, posts just to receive a prize. It is after the nominations that this happens. As far as 'sore loser' goes, well, truth be told, initially I felt a little slighted. For about 5 minutes; then, I got over it (I mean, I didn't call it 'sour grapes' for nothing, right?)I appreciate your kind words about enjoying my blog, and I also enjoy yours; but, hey- "get back to being me?" This is me!
Laura: I actually tried to vote, and started reading and re-reading various blogs, and by gosh, I discovered there were only 24 hours in a day and I had no time for this shtoot!(translation=idiocy). I barely have the time to make timely posts on my own blog, let alone read anyone else's these days.
Thanks for supporting my 'sour grapes award' idea; it could be like the 'Rotten Tomatoes' movie review website. We could make millions!!!!!
batya: I never even thought of nominating myself; it doesn't seem right, somehow; too גאוותן –like. Ooh, Batya I would love to see your Arab mansions series.It sounds very interesting...are they for sale?(my son's looking for an apt, lol!)
snakehunter: Your comment is off-topic, but hey, what the heck--as a matter of fact (I got your email,btw), I did look at your dialogue with the Egyptian guy; I personally think we are beating our heads against a brick wall, but...-might write more about it later, either on your blog or an email. Keep up the good work!
JerusalemJoe: Good to see 'ya (נעים מאד!). Some of us new to blogging are not listed on most of the aggregators, so we may not get to see many Jewish blogs. And I guess we all need a little 'Yiddishe Mama' approval now and then, right? You are probably right about Jewish competition; I was never big in that department...
natan: So, you do read my blog! That wasn't very nice (about 'babbling.' Let's face it-we are all of us babbling, it's just so much fun. And besides, Abba calls it 'blobbing!')but I'm glad you found it funny (but, didn't I toilet train you at 3?)Love you, motek...
m00kie: Uh, sure.
newsman: Thank you for the vote of confidence. Cheese danish, however, is not on my diet; how about babaganoush?!
elie: For a while there, all I saw on various blogs were posts on the JIB Awards. It got so that I felt that I had to 'jump on the bandwagon,' when all I want to do is blog for blog's sake. And thank you for the link-that was quite a post by soccer dad. I left him a comment...
As I said in my response to Laura, I started to go a little crazy trying to read various blogs to determine whom to vote for, and I simply gave up--it was too much already!
muse said…
anyone can see my Arab Mansions series

Start with, which has the links to the others. And while you're at it, take a look at the latest kcc.
the sabra said…
i know this isn't the topic anymore but that never stopped me hehe

so ya i agree with you. so pathetic this 'pick me' business.

and agav, i pick you ;)

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