um, remember? Israel is number 9 (that's 1-2-3-NINE) in DSL use globally (... it's run by Jews who say 'eh,' though...)

So apparently the DSL Forum , in their study of broadband growth in the Middle East, is redrawing the global map to one without the State of Israel. That's not nice (and it would get an F in geography). Instead they only list "Palestine," which by the way when last seen was actually not a recognized country--as the intrepid investigative reporter-cum-blogger says in his piece on Telecomweb. But for some reason, some people will go to great lengths to appease the bully, as I've said many times in previous posts (see labels arabs, media, politics) which of course is why the bully gets cockier and cockier, strutting about posturing and threatening and often acting out on his threats--committing murder and mayhem, kidnappings and beheadings--and not one nation (let alone the so-called 'moderates' of their own people, if such a thing even exists-except for a precious few like Wafa Sultan and Brigitte Gabriel-again, see my previous posts) has the guts to stand up and NOT ACQUIESCE to their threats and demands. Let's face it: everyone is (dare I say it? -that word that no one wants to say?) A-F-R-A-I-D of the bully. Or is trying to get buddy-buddy with him because he has something they need--you fill in the blanks: money, power, oil...all of the above...Even that so-called 'war-on-terrorism' guy in that big white house in D.C. (yeah, him) is stepping carefully around certain States who have certain Crown Princes with whom he is chummy-chummy (-been to Aspen lately?) and continues to maintain his double-standard for, eh, that country run by the Jews (oops--forgot--it isn't there.)
Either way, this behavior is only leading the good guys--make no mistake about it, in this Broadway Show there are good guys and very, very bad guys--towards a stony end, G-d forbid. That is why we have to do what John Oliver did: visit the place, talk to the Ambassador, and give that script to his friends in Hollywood! Oh yeah, and be sure to bring your laptop when you visit That Place between Jordan and the Mediterranean, 'cause the Holyland's gone wireless.


Anonymous said…
I find it impossible to read with all those "with God's help falling down on the screen".
Am I the only one?
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lady-Light said…
JJoe: Hmmm...that's the first negative comment I've had about the falling text(I had a positive one a long time ago);I will ask my readers the question: if it is really annoying, I can modify it a bit, or remove it completely. Thanks for the input.
SH: Thank you. I took a guess but was wrong! I will now add you to my list. Enjoy!

Please acknowledge, then I'll delete my eMail address; you are now in my Contact eMail list.

Shalom. reb
Lady-Light said…
SnHun: I did acknowledge; I replied to your comment, here on my blog. But I will be happy to send you an email as well. The Haiku was actually cute. An interesting way of looking at things...

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