Happy Yom Ha-Atzma'ut!

It is midnight here where I am; I couldn't be there. The most I could do besides talking to my kids (and my cousin. And my uncle.) about what they were doing, was go to Reshut Hashidur (Israel Broadcast Authority) online and watch first the ceremony for Yom Zikaron le-Halalei Tzahal*, and then, the winding down of the sadness, and the step by step emotional-lifting-up to the opening ceremony starting Israel Independence Day, Yom Ha-Atzma'ut*.
I thought you might like to see the video (FYI, it is almost all in Hebrew), so I am linking it
Take a break (it takes a bit of time, but is worth it), sit back with a cup of kafeh hafuch*, and enjoy!

['Yom Zikaron le-Halalei Tzahal'= Memorial Day for Israel's fallen soldiers; 'Yom Ha-Atzma'ut'=Israel Independence Day; 'kafeh hafuch'= Israeli "upside-down" coffee: milk first, coffee second!]


muse said…
I'm glad to be here, in real time.
triLcat said…
nono. "tishteh cafe turki v'titorer!!!" (Arik Einstein song)...

If it doesn't have mud in the bottom, it's not REALLY Israeli coffee!
Lady-Light said…
muse: Baruch Hashem, that you are there, in real time. I am doing the next best thing at this point in my life: instant messaging/video conferencing with my kids in their real time, discussing their plans & dreams, hearing the tsefirah over the computer (!)and taking time-out while my kids go outside to stand at attention for two minutes. And, of course, back in what's 'home' for now, sitting at the computer like a zombie for hours watching and listening to the Reshut Hashidur videos. But I will (G-d willing) be there in June, for my younger son's wedding...
triLcat: That's different: what Arik Einshtein is singing about is kaffe toorki, which is much better than bohtz. I think bohtz will always be synonymous with the early days of building the State, with the halutzim, don't you?
LL, consider this an official invitation to contribute to the meme, and I will link back to it. I had actually originally planned to include you but forgot to link to you.
Lady-Light said…
mominIsrael: Thank you for the tag; I will post my answers to your modesty meme (nice alliteration, no?) as soon as I get my act together...I'm a bit delayed, because I had to install a new Norton Security program. When that's done, I'll post my answers here.

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