...it's not too late to post this, right?

This is a comment I saw on a video of Netzer Hazani commemorating one year since the hitnatkut (so-called 'disengagement'):

"The poor child, caught with the stolen bag of candies, cried when the good father plucked out a single sweet and charitably handed it to the shop owner."

Stolen? Really? From the "shop owner?" OK, let's forget about it belonging to the Jews (Jews = rightful 'shop owner') from the days of the Bible, shall we? Of course you really meant to say, "captured from the arab aggressors in 1967," didn't you? - which according to laws of engagement belong to the victor. So what did the victor do? He built it up into communities, beautified it, grew vegetables, greenhouses, creating a thriving economy and tried to live there in peace for thirty plus years, only requesting to be left alone in peace, by the so-called religion of peace. Now, we have returned [our] land to the enemy (who had invaded us) as a gesture of good-will, in order to promote peace. And what did the recipient of this land do? Did they make peace? Did they start the infrastructure for a state of their own? This is what they've done: they've shown the world how peaceful and civilized they are and how ready they are for a state of their own - by blowing each other up and trashing the place. A case of say hello to the new boss, {not the} same as the old boss. Very much not the same. Or, alternatively, a case of Great Expectations on our part...ya think we wudda known...
...when will we learn...?


Elie said…
Well said - unfortunately preaching to the choir here! Would you consider sending this rebuttal into Netzer Hazani?
Lady-Light said…
Elie: I already emailed Anita Tucker (Netzer Hazani activist) about this. Am hoping she will respond...

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