okay, and now for something really mi-shamayim

(Okay. I'm better. Sometimes it's good to vent. )
New topic: my new kallah !
I've had several requests to tell about my son's fiancee, so I will wax eloquent (hopefully you won't want me to wane .)
I had never made a shidduch in my life, though I did try once or twice with friends, but without success. Never did I think I would be a shadchanit for my own son. He is engaged to a lovely Yerushalmit, from a wonderful Sepharadi family (a real 'mixed-marriage', as we are Ashkenazim.) But (nyaah nyaah) I found her first! She came to the States for six months to broaden her horizons, improve her English and work for a while - for one of our acquaintences, a family who also davened at our Chabad. I met her first (she remembered where--I didn't; that's what you get with age...) at a friend's sukkah party a year ago Sukkot. We saw each other in shul, almost every Shabbat, and we talked. I was so excited to meet someone from Jerusalem, someone who spoke fluent Hebrew.
So, during the course of one of our conversations, I had the audacity to just 'mention' to her that, by the way, I have a twenty-two year old son who is single, but might like to meet her; would she be interested in meeting him? She must have thought I was just another crazy Jewish mother; basically, she indicated she was not interested in a serious relationship at that time.
But we kept talking...then, my son had a short leave from the army for Pesach. On tom tov, we "took a walk", ostensibly to enjoy the beautiful spring weather...you should have seen how he rolled his eyes when he realized I just happened to be strolling towards our friends' house, where she was living. Basically it's like, "oh, eema, please stop trying to find me someone! I can find my own girlfriend!" (yeah, sure)
When he met her, he was pleasantly surprised. She was actually beautiful. And kind. And intelligent. And spiritual. Mygosh. My mother didn't pick out a jerk after all (why don't our kids ever trust us?)
They talked, saw each other in shul, and talked. We invited her to our house for the last days of the chag, and then our son had to return to the army. Shortly after, she also returned to Israel. For three months, he didn't hear from her, and we thought that was the end. And then she called (well, you wouldn't have called either if you were studying for your psychometri exam.) And as they say, the rest is history! Later on she remarked, now she understands why she had to be davka in our out-of-the-way town, of all places. It was mamash mi-shamayim...


AbbaGav said…
Mazal Tov! Good work.
Mazal tov!!! May you have a lot of nachat. . .
kasamba said…
A huge mazal tov!!!!

How fabulous that you were your own son's Shadchan!!!!

IYH may you see lots of nachas from the new couple!
what a romantic story..
Mazal Tov
Lady-Light said…
Abbagav: Thank you; it was in Hashem's 'hands', not mine...was hoping to meet you when I was in Israel-maybe next time...
Mil: Thank you, I do get lots of nachat from my kids, Baruch Hashem. Been back in chutz ha-aretz a week and a half, and miss them already!
Kasamba: ditto (above); as I said, it was meant to be. Now we have the headache (ouch) of planning the wedding. whatever I am, I am not a wedding planner!
David: You are an incurable romantic, I know-because only a romantic could write poetry as you do on your site (will visit soon!)
Elie said…
Wow, how thrilling for you! Mazel Tov!
Lady-Light said…
Elie: Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. May especially you have only mazal and s'machot in your family's future!
misses said…
I don't get.. why, in refrence to the girls, is the first quality stated that she is beautiful? I just don't get it! It's okay for everyboy out there to say he wants a beautiful girl. But for a girl to say she wants a boy with a little extra dough, man that is just plain shallow!! Mind you that a beautiful wife doesn't mean she'll provide emotional support in raising a family, etc..
But a boy with money DOES provide financial support and has an income wchih stabolizes the home!!! SOMEONE PLS EXPLAIN
Anonymous said…
mazel tov!! what a beautiful shiduch story.
it is said, that when it comes to shiduchim every one can see with their own eyes the wonderful ways of hahsem, how he controls everything, the stranges things happen to bring those basherte togather.
Hakodesh Boruch Hu Yoshev Umezaveg Zivugim!!!

may u see lots of yiddish nachas from them allways
ayala said…
I haven't been reading for a while, and I am very happy to be able to wish you the warmest Mazel Tov. May HaShem bless you with continued nachas. May their home be one built on the foundation of Torah, full of laughter and happiness.
I'm so happy for you!
Lady-Light said…
misses: The only reason to write the adjective 'beautiful' first, is because everyone knows that when you write 'great personality' first, she's a dog(!). I think it's perfectly ok for a girl to say right up front that she wants a guy with dough. The better to make challah with, my dear.
ayala: Thank you! And welcome back.
Lady-Light said…
nuch a chosid: -oops, didn't mean to leave you out (too intent on composing saracasm, sorry)- thank you for your brachot and well wishes. Definitely yiddish nachas...well, nachat yehudi , ok?!
the sabra said…

whatta zechus to make a shidduch!

may your son and his kallah only experience happiness and goodness in a revealed way and may u reap (huh? reap? i dunno, i think that's what i wanna say..anyhow, as i was saying, may you reap-) much nachas from them and your other children as well!
Lady-Light said…
Sabra: Amen! (welcome back)

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