maybe comatose, but not dead

Shalom y'all (learned that from my Dallas days). Don't want you to worry--all three readers of you--my blog is not dead, just resting. That's life in Israel for you; so intense, there is not an extra moment to sit down at (somebody's) computer for hours and blog. So here is just a quick note to say that much has happened, including a could-have-been-seriouser car accident (car gone, people not Baruch Hashem), son being discharged, getting engaged, husband visiting first time in 26 years-not necessarily in correct order-and youngest daughter getting her first tzav gius. I now have a return ticket to the USA, for what it's worth. As we say in Ivrit, le-da'avoni ha-rav. Will write more worth reading b'ezrat Hashem soon. Don't give up on me, y'hear?


kasamba said…
Mazal Tov on your son!!!!
How exciting!
Where is she from?
Lady-Light said…
Kasamba: Will answer questions in a blog post, ok? Thank you so much for your mazal tov!
SWFM: Thank you, too! (same as above).

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