See Truth-Take Action

I have been remiss - I have not posted since November. I've been here since 19 Tishrei, chol ha-mo'ed Sukkot. Right now I am almost all recovered from my second illness (both upper respiratory), be-ezrat Hashem. Between being sick for almost half my stay here and being with my family (mainly being sick), I haven't gone anywhere nor done much. But I am witnessing "the situation" from the inside: reading the news, listening to people, watching talk panels on TV, and discussing it with my kids.
It is dire. The world has gone mad; it is an "olam hafuch", an upside-down world. War against Israel is imminent. Even some so-called Palestinians (I use this term for common recognition only; they are all merely ARABS) are starting to question the general deadly looniness, as seen on The Jerusalem Post site column about the exploding grandmother by Saul Singer:

"How is it that the political factions have led the Palestinian people to the brink of national, political, economic and social disaster?" wrote Abdallah Awad, a columnist for the Palestinian daily Al-Ayyam on October 15. "Who is responsible for the state of chaos, the havoc and the collapse of morality, society and internal security? Our [Fatah and Hamas] leaders have nothing to say but lies and deception... Nothing interests them but... their madness, their self-love, and their love of power."
And then, to continue:
"Another commentator followed, in the same newspaper, on October 17: "Has the violence become a culture implanted in our body, in our flesh, and in our bones?... I fear that we have surrendered to it, and it has become the master that we obey everywhere - in the home, in the neighborhood, in the family, in the tribe [and] in the organization or the university... Even our children have lost [their] innocence and become filled with both fear and violence... the violence that has taken the best of our children and our sons from us."
Well, hello?!
Meanwhile, while our illustrious Prime Minister and his sidekick the Foreign Minister are regurgitating Barak's offer in 2000 of Israel on a Platter, the Religion of Peace is again showing it's true colors in Acco .
So I say it is time to wake up and smell the coffee, eat the humus (humus doesn't really smell good; but it tastes great), face the music, and Face The Truth. Peace, the way things are right here, right now, isn't gonna happen. It's pie in the sky. It's not reality. What is going to happen, is WAR. Are we unaware that Hezbollah is stronger than it's ever been before? Are we unaware of the pro-terror-anti-Israel demonstrations happening in Lebanon as I write? Are we preparing? Listening to our great leaders Olmert and Livni, it doesn't sound like it. Instead, I propose we listen to Barry Rubin in his column quoting Yogi Berra on the future. Click on the title link. Please.


kasamba said…
I'm glad you're back and hope you're completely better!

You're right, it is an Olam Hafuch!
the sabra said…
well if it aint my ol lady light

hi :)

i try not to think more than 1 minute a week about israel politics, the word palestinian, tishkoret (israel's media)...
Howdy again!

Just wanted to give you an Update.
New Posts since that fine "History"

Gen. Tommy Franks, and George
Patton wake 'em up, with a clear
message. reb
Lady-Light said…
Kasamba: Sorry about the delay in my response. Hope you are still looking at this! thanks for still visiting.
Sabra: Same as above! am back in my temporary home in the US of A. Will write soon...
Lady-Light said…
SnakeHunter: Thanks for visiting; forgot to respond to you and hit the 'send' button too fast! Will check out your site soon. Keep visiting!

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