with G-d's help...

בסייעתא דשמיא

בסייעתא דשמיא

בסייעתא דשמיא

בסייעתא דשמיא

בסייעתא דשמיא

בסייעתא דשמיא

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I am wiped by that last post (it was lo-ooooong), so all I'm going to do is post a wise saying by 'confucius' (-was he jewish?). This is exactly what Israel needs to do; determine who is left: Israel.
B'ezrat Hashem, we will prevail.


Lakewood Venter said…
Good quote. He was not Jewish, although some historians believe he converted to Judaism at the end of his life. doubtful though.
Lady Lite:

It was May that you posted a
Comment on my Info Blog; well,
we are still busy recording the
material that our next generation
so desperately needs, History.

The July 4th Post is great, it's
another author, but he deserved
consideration from Snake Hunters.
Only two pages, but WoW!

I needed your Confucius tag, so
I'll borrow it, Thanks.

If you need more humor, click
my Complete Profile, I don't mind.

Thanks for your Comment, first
name & town. reb

yoniqua said…
Lady-Light said…
I apologize for the late response:
LV: Thanks for commenting - never heard of his conversion though-I agree-sounds implausible to me.
SnakeH.: welcome back, and feel free- are you referring to your July 4th post? And where's the humor in your profile (must be missing something)?
Yoniqua: second that!

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