no more denial: the true face of our enemy

Until this morning I had never heard of Brigitte Gabriel . It happened while I was washing the dishes (left over from two days ago) which were piled up in the sink. I figured this would take me a while to do, so I decided to distract myself by turning on the Laura Ingraham Show, a conservative radio talk-show ( ok, I confess - I have a serious talk-show addiction). What I heard was an eye-opener: a phone interview with a lady named Brigitte Gabriel, the founder of The American Congress for Truth. This was an interview which the world at large should have heard (hopefully, Ms. Ingraham had a wide listenership this morning). I made a mental note to go to the Laura Ingraham website to get the full scoop. What I found was the story of a Lebanese-born woman, now living in the United States, who has a horrific tale to tell. She relates, from personal experience, the truth about the radical Islamists the world is in denial about. In addition she states in her own words what many Jews, and even many non-Jewish Americans are beginning to understand - that Israel is fighting the battle the world should be fighting. This video says it all:


Happy Jew said…
Hello Lady Light,
I've seen this video, too bad the whole world just doesn't get it.

Sometimes I feel like I will burst from the people who just don't see the facts. Well, I started a blog now just to vent some of my thoughts around this war and this time. I'd love to hear what you think. Would you come visit and let me know?

b'sorot tovot,
Happy Jew
Lady-Light said…
Happy Jew, Shalom u'vrakhah! Thank you for stopping by my blog. For a minute there, I thought you were someone else (my son) called 'realjewsdanceandsing',to whom I have a link - check out the sidebar where there are links to other blogs- but then I realized you are a new visitor.
you are frustrated? I believe that most of the time we are preaching to the comverted, and those who on the opposite side do not want to see the truth. I don't know how to make people understand and see the truth, but I keep trying 'hasbara' through my blog. And, I definitely will visit yours. Kol Tuv!

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