Mel Gibson: A Microcosm of the Macrocosm

Folks, this is not directly about Israel (and the war to eradicate the scum enemy threat to its existence), but in a way, it is. Mel Gibson, the actor, and director of the film The Passion, was recently arrested on a drunk driving charge - DUI, to be exact. We knew of his father being shall we say, not the greatest lover of the Jewish people. Well, the apple does not fall far from the tree. However, I have to give Mr. Gibson (the son) some credit, in that he did admit that he made inappropriate disparaging remarks about the Jewish people, and he apparently has asked for forgiveness. Hmm-mm, do you think he is on the road to Tshuvah ? I am almost ready to give him the benefit of the doubt. It sounds as if he is going through a very personal inner conflict now. Let's see where this leads. Meanwhile, why don't you click on the title link and enjoy the article by Michael Ventre - gezuntahait !


Lakewood Venter said…
As much as he apologizes, I cannot help but think that he only does so to fix his tarnished image, and ensure solid movie sales in the future, and not for sincere reasons!
After all, how can he say he respects his holocaust denying dad, and still say he doesn't hate Jews?

Let's see him put his money where his mouth is, and make a sizeable donation to Jewish causes, and then PERHAPS I will believe the sincerity of his apologies!
Elie said…
Completely agree, LV. Mel is full of it. And money donations would do nothing to build him up in my eyes - for a multi-millionaire celeb, that's just an easy cop-out.

Two examples of things he could do that would at least begin to make amends:
1) Utterly repudiate Holocaust revisionism and revisionists, including his father
2) Visit Israel and say/do concrete and visible things to build up it's positive PR in the current war.

Until then (don't hold your breath), Mad Mel can keep his phony apologies.
yoniQua said…
he makes me sick.
Lady-Light said…
LV and Elie: I truly see your point. At first, I wanted to give Gibson the benefit of the doubt ('tadun et havercha le-khaf zechut', etc.. )Actually Elie, I am tending to agree with you; Gibson needs to publicly reject his father's denial of the Holocaust, and he needs to do this in person . I understand it was his publicist who initially released the statement of apology. And giving money to help the displaced victims of hizbollah terror in the north of Israel would go a long way in showing his sincerity and support of the Jews.
the sabra said…
i like jews
Lady-Light said…
Gosh, I hope so Sabra!

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