enough, already!

I'm tired.
I am still receiving war-and-cease-fire-related mail from my Arutz Sheva subscriptions et al. My inboxes (yes, unfortunately I have more than one email address) are clogged with important and not-so-important-but-interesting links to various articles, commentaries, snippets and videos on all things about Israel, world opinion, Heathrow-liquid-bomb-plot-thwart and Syria-and-Iran-supporting-Hizbollah-terrorist-related, until my head is spinning. And I actually was (sort of) intending to do another post on these very-close-to-my-heart subjects.
And then suddenly, it hit me: My brain needs a break.
I want, instead, something light and funny. Didn't know where to look for it - is there anything funny going on in the world today?- and then I found this.
And this time, it probably isn't lost in translation (my tongue is out of my cheek; I just hope that my foot isn't in my mouth).
(enough with the cliches) -enjoy!


Cool how the siata dishmaya is flying by. Sorry for your frustrations. It has been a while since I was here, thanks for stopping by. Hatzlacha.
Lvnsm27 said…
All this info. can be overwhelming.

Glad you found a fun link. thanks for sharing.
anonym00kie said…
cute link :) and i agree.. its time for a little break..
Gavriel said…
I know the feeling. I've felt trapped by the conflict too, in the blogging sense. It is so important that it can't be ignored, and in a sense it truly is an opportunity to add my voice to the discussion. At the same time, it can be so wearying to carry around all the time. A little humor is how I try to cope too. Thanks for chipping in.
Pimplesoflife said…
wow... powerfull.. i totally agree.. dont u think weve waited enough? we need a break!
Lady-Light said…
I apologize for not responding to your comments sooner:
SWFM: the 'syata d'shmaya' is a hope for the future.
LVNSM27: have you ever felt TMI or IM("too much info" or "info overload")? I have; thanks for the thanks. I was rolling in the aisles for a coupla min...
'm00kie: glad you agree with me; I love people who agree with me.
GAV: yup. I do not wax eloquent right now.
PMPLS: waited, for moshiach, you mean? yep, all you need is tevat Noach (see next post).

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