Yay I did It!

I finally figured out (with a little help from Jameel - rav todot!) how to post the Israel Clock. It didn't work the first time (no pun intended), but it did the second. At first, I chose blue, for the color of the Israeli flag. Then I decided I wanted orange, to show my solidarity with the people from Gush Katif and to express my anti-disengagement sentiments. So be it.
I am back home and will post soon, bli neder...right now I have one hour and forty-five minutes to finish preparing for Shabbat, so goodbye, and Shabbat Shalom!


Cool, I love the feeling of figuring out things after much turmoil. It looks really neat.
the sabra said…
Lady-Light said…
Social & Sabra,
Thank you! I love it, too. Every time I look at that clock I think of what my kids there are doing now. (I still can't figure out why it didn't work the first time, though - thought I did everything right!)
ayala said…
Thanks!!! My phone doesn't have israel time and I can never figure out when to call my friends. It does look cool. Now I can come to your blog and feel like I am in Israel. Sort of.
Lady-Light said…
That's great! Come early! Come often! I never thought of it as a 'come on' for people to visit my blog, but - hey, go for it! Invite your friends, too!
I wanna see those sitemeter numbers RISE already!!
Woohoo, i am in that time right now!
Sorry i didn't see your comments at Mis-Dakdek until now.
anonym00kie said…
welcome back! love the clock!
Lady-Light said…
Steg: NOW you just find my comments? This gives new meaning to the phrase 'Jewish Time'!
Since when are you in that time zone (how DARE you be there without me?!) - thought you were in New Yawk City? (there, you can be without me; grew up there; not interested)
Thank you! I'm not back yet, really, because I haven't posted much of anything, except for the clock (which took me a freakin' long time).
But I'm REALLY glad you like it. Invite your friends.

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