Wxuqp Verification (burp)

Dear Reader,
Bzodsnel yblykxp mxvimryr, and btjoccsg, but more importantly, also plnhar, vjmuobe & ldnharg. And don't forget the aeesbltu and the hteers, either.
Ok, ok, I get the message. Nobody likes word verification. Neither do I. I enabled it because I thought it would be a way to discourage spammers. Instead, I think it's discouraging other bloggers from commenting, so I decided I'll disable it, for now...
You can all rejoice! (and remember to COMMENT!!)


the sabra said…
kol hakovod v'todah :)
Lady-Light said…
oiy, at b'emet doreshet harbeh, at yoda'at???!!
(just kidding!).

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