why I practice Judaism

This is modified and reprinted from my comment on GodolHador's blog where he questions his beliefs. I didn't have the patience to 'doctor it up' so it may be a little disjointed and out of context:
"What IS a good [belief] system, then? Maybe, human beings are not able to take the fact (if it IS a fact) that we are an accident on this planet, that existence is accidental and unplanned, and that there is 'no one driving the bus'. I personally, am NOT able to take that theory. I prefer to believe in my Judaism, even while being aware, that there are lots of questions with as yet unknowable answers. So, I continue to hope. And meanwhile, I have the opportunity to create a wonderful life for my family, with beautiful rituals and beautiful holidays, with elevating songs and niggunim which instill in them (I hope. In some of them, at least)an other-worldly feeling of Kedushah, of something OUT THERE beyond themselves. Of a good purpose for living. And you never know...maybe "b'acharit ha-yamim", either the universe's or our own, we will find out the answers."


anonym00kie said…
i always tell people who try to convince me that i beleive in fairy tales, that if that is the case, and there is no meaning or purpose to our existence, than they have even more reason to let me live in my delusions. should i be miserable just because they are? let me live happy in my 'delusions' and they can be the miserable martyrs turning around in circles convincing themselves to stay alive in a world with no purpose!
jim said…
Hi, lady-light, I followed you from the Jerusalem cop blog. I see you are a lover of Hebrew, wow, that is the love of my life, totally. How about Kabbalah, do you do that? The text is my daily everything, good to meet you, I will read your blog as I go.

PS: yes the kid should be a professional designer.
kasamba said…
LadyLight- I absolutely and resolutely second your post!
I really do feel G-ds presence so in that sense, it's not so difficult for me to believe.
Lady-Light said…
'mookie, that is an interesting idea that I might write a blog about, believing in 'fairytales', good or bad? There ARE people, though, who consider themselves 'secular humanists' and live sans religion, believing that they only need to be good human beings, however they define that. Me, I need to know there is as you said a purposeful existence. I want to believe that Jews are here for a reason. And I try to live according to that belief.
Thank you for finding my blog! Tell me about your love of Ivrit - where is it from? And I will tell my daughter what you said (thank you!)
I too feel G-d's presence; you have to search for it, though. And sometimes you don't understand it until later...but it is there.
jim said…
Ivrit; I was raised pagan/christian, with no direct ties, lived secular humanism till about 32. Had a night vision, HaSHem directed me to the Book, introduced me to Moshe who read to me and I saw the Ivrit come out of his mouth, float in the air, in the most beautiful configurations and relations. Didn't know what it was, until later in the year, after much research and study. Took to it like duck to water, love it deep, discovered my Jewishness, trying to learn. Thanks for your blog and your company.
Jewish Sexpert said…
Jim, have you converted to Judaism?
jim said…
Well, how do you mean? Jewish sexpert, is their more to it than I know? I know what Kabbalah says, how the inside and outside relate to each other, is their more that I should know? I know rejection, and I know the why of it. Answer me, and I will tell you more.
ayala said…
I believe because it is true. Because there is nothing else that is real and because HaShem told ME that I should follow His torah and I agreed. MY lips said "Na'aseh v'nishmah" and MY lips said "Ze keili v'anvehu". I chose Him because He is real, and even though I may not remember the day I spoke those words I will still follow because it is the only truth. We are not an accident because G-d told us that He created us for Him, so He could love us. He created us and that is not an accident. Maybe other people don't see it as simply as I do, or maybe I just take it too simply. But whatever the case this is one thing I have no questions about. If you were just doing this to give your children beautiful experiences you would take them to a butterfly museum or become any other religion in the world. But this, this is so much more.
jim said…
so much more, ayala, so real and vital and more.

jewishsexpert, thanks very much for the conversion understanding, i needed to hear that, I appreciate you speaking up, and replying to me personally. You are an expert.

And thank you LadyLight, for the opportunity and a place to visit.
Lady-Light said…
Ayala, I read your reasons for your emunah, and (playing devil's advocate here)a person could say, well, that is a tautological argument: You believe in Hashem because He is real & because He told you to follow the Torah (which is of course written in the Torah)thus being circular reasoning. I know a whole BUNCH of people (did you know people came in bunches, like bananas?)who would say, "I can't SEE Him or FEEL Him or SENSE Him with any of my senses, so just because it's written in a book doesn't mean it's real". They would (and have) said to me, 'you need outside proof of His existence'. I have had family members say to me, 'every religion thinks they are the One And True Religion - what makes Judaism any different or better than they? They also (to my utter despair)see Jews not behaving nor conducting themselves in a good and ethical manner, e.g., the recent Problem which has been written about on the Jewish Blogosphere these last few weeks - so it is evident (to them) that Judaism is 'no better' than any other religion.
Such a person, would not buy your argument, that you believe 'because He is real'. Now, because you CHOSE Him, that's a different story!
I don't know if you are aware that I posted a Hebrew poem written by my father (z"l). He wrote it during the Yom Kippur war in Israel, in 1973. I posted it on May 4th. Scroll down to see it. Hope you can read it. I am using a different computer, so the next poem might have to be transliterated.

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