Shabbat at yam hamelach...

My daughters spent last Shabbat at Yam HaMelach. For my youngest, it was the first time she had ever been there since she arrived in Israel in August, 2004. Too busy with school and tests. And her tiyul shnati was in the negev, but not at the Dead Sea. My older daughter sent a huge file of pics, with specific instructions on which ones I was permitted to post (!). The Foot Foto is a portrait of the photographer and her sister (can't you tell? Aren't they gorgeous?!). The rest are 'nof '. Enjoy! (Even the desert is beautiful).


westbankmama said…
Only a Jewish mother would brag about muddy feet...
FrumGirl said…
Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing!
Lady-Light said…
frumgirl: Thank you! What would I do without my photog daughter?! I still haven't uploaded MY OWN pics from my last trip in Nov/Dec.
If I wait for ME, the Moshiach will come first! (-and that's a GOOD thing)
WestBankMama: Vat, you dawnt teenk dos feet arre beautiful??? Vat kind af a Yiddishe Mama arre yu?
Pragmatician said…
I'd love to visit the Yam Hamelach, now even more than before, the feett picture though is not the reason.
Lakewood Venter said…
I love those pictures! Especially the "burnt" feet!
awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee coolcoolcool I LOVE DA PLACE
kasamba said…
I love your blog name!!!
And the photos!!!
(Now I have an itch to go!)
Lakewood Venter said…
Lady -light, I appreciate your comments on my blog, and enjoy your style inthe comments there and elsewhere.

Keep it up.

btw, Why no email address?
Lady-Light said…
When was the last time you visited Yam HaMelach(did you ever?) How dare you insult my kids' feet! They are the most loveliest, muddiest feets in existence (heheh). (I must be losing it. If I ever had it to begin with)
THAT'S the attitude!
יהודי :
I'm in tears of happiness over your comment. Seriously. Ask my kids, they know I'M not cool. It's definitely the pics. AND my kids, 'cause they shot 'em.
(Is that an African name?) Thank you for the blog name compliment;take a look at my 2nd post (in March Archives, if you can't find it on the main blog page). And, scratch that itch.
I don't know if I can handle all these compliments. I'm starting to hyperventilate...(hoo hoo hoo)
Now, about the email address. I had several readers ask me the same question. Original reason was to eliminate spammers and clogged inboxes, but, what the hey. I'll put it on for now, and see what happens (famous last words, no doubt).
Pragmatician said…
sorry insult so not intended, just meant that if I ever go again(he he was there once long ago)I would not put mud on my fet.
Lady-Light said…
No offense taken, PRAG. So you WERE there once, I see. So was I. However, I didn't like the mud then, and I still don't like it now!
When I was a little kid, I didn't play much with mud pies, either!

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