Quote of the Day (see linked article on Judaism):

(quote on snake hunters blog, reprinted here without permission)
"A people that glorifies and honors suicidal killers, and eagerly sacrifices their young, promising virgins and other heavenly rewards is a sick culture, and deserves exposure."


Nemo said…
It is true, but by now exposure is extraneous and superfluous. Everyone in the world is aware of such diatribes and yet they are unmoved and continuously attack Israel. No one denies the intentions of the suiciders, they have already been exposed. Those that chose to, will hate Israel no matter what.
It is important to our
National Interest that the
American Public see beyond
Hot Air Politics...

This is the heart & soul of
the urgency of creating
the Snake Hunters blog.

Mentioning our effort on your blogsite is appreciated
and helps to counter the
negative propaganda received
since 9/11/2001. Thank you!

Lady-Light said…
Snake Hunters:
My pleasure; I agree that we still need to counter negative propaganda.
Nemo: The facts of 'everyone is aware' of the diatribes and 'whoever hates Israel will continue to do so' notwithstanding, we need to beat the world over the head with the truth. The interesting aspect of the Arabs' revisionism of history, is that if you tell a lie long enough and loud enough, people will begin to believe it, including the liars!
We continually need to counter this, because this is exactly what is happening in the world today.
'Ve-im lo achshav, eimatai?'
twilight770 said…
"G-d put the world in the heart of man" every thing that Transpires with Israel also goes on in are small consciousness please lets not let the world down!

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