...last post (bli neder)

That being said (see previous post), I have to announce that this might be my last post for a while. I just don't have the heshek; I think I'm getting a little depressed...blogging is taking up too much of my time and it is not appreciated by certain people, nor is it being 'paid for', so there is no point in it. I know I should strive to be 'b'simcha tamid' like RealJewsDanceandSing advocates in his blog. Maybe this is my own personal nisayon. Anyway, right after Lag B'Omer I am flying out of state after initially cancelling my trip (due to illness) to visit my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren, and I won't have frequent access to the computer. It was a surprise and an honor to realize that people were actually reading what I wrote sometimes, and was an honor to get your comments and to read your blogs and comment there as well.
I will miss it (and all of you)...
Again, thank you for being there.


anonym00kie said…
bah! i just found your blog and now youre stopping it!
if you enjoy blogging, you should take a break, but dont stop it.
i hope this isnt about your over-crowded family room cuz im sure that can be worked out and i certainly hope its not about doing something you arent being paid for cuz thats no excuse if you enjoy it.
maybe you just need a break..so enjoy it, and when you need a break from the non blogging world, come back!
the sabra said…
oh lady!
i thought we were friends!
(seriously though, i feel like ive been here since the start...)
Pragmatician said…
I know you'll pick it up again soon most Bloggers that stop do that:)
There's no harm in posting irregularly either.
Lady-Light said…
I LOVE blogging. You are probably right; too many negative vibes here are affecting me adversely. It's time for a change of scenery & environment. As General MacArthur said, "I shall return".
We ARE blogging friends, at least I certainly hope so. And, you have the distinction of being the ABSOLUTE FIRST BLOGGER to comment on my site! For that, I am eternally grateful. כמו שאמרתי, אני אחזור. תמתיני לי, בסדר?
You are right. I miss it already (hahah). If my daughter lets me use the computer, I'll try to post. It probably WILL be irregular.
All of your comments have already cheered me up!
anonym00kie said…
ladylight, i read TONS of blogs and dont comment, i hope you dont judge the success of your blogs by the comments, do it for yourself, for an outlet, for a private corner for yourself.. do it cuz you enjoy it!
Lady-Light said…
'Mookie, I HAVE had a tendancy to do that - to judge the success of my blog by the number of people who leave comments. I figured well, if nobody reads it, it must be boring, pedantic and not-worthwhile. I do enjoy it, though. But it's nice to have visitors. And you're right; often people visit and don't leave comments. But that's just the way I am; to me, no comment=no visitor!
Eshet Chayil said…
Well...I read your blog and don't comment often. I'm know as a very irregular commenter. Sowwwwy. But you're not the first to take a break. Don;t be afraid to cut the break short. Like prag said, nothing wrong with being irregular.
Lady-Light said…
Eshet Chayil, thank you for visiting my blog! I'm getting this great advice from everyone, and it's mainly the same:
1) Blog because you love it, not because people comment
2)It's OK to take a break; sometimes you need one. It's ok to blog sporadically, and
3) lots of people visit hundreds of blogs without commenting, so I shouldn't worry
Thanks everyone. Remember, I only started blogging in March (I'm a neophyte!)
kasamba said…
You know, I really had to think about what you wrote and I realised that the reason I love blogging so much is because the acceptance you receive here is based on your personality and nothing else. Here, nobody likes me more because of my looks, what I can do for them, or how much money my husband makes.
Enjoy your nachas and I will miss you!
MODoc said…
I hope you resume blogging after your trip!
Lady-Light said…
That's interesting, because a blogger could fake his personality, couldn't he? Anonymous blogging can be like that; you take on a different persona..who knows what you are REALLY like??(Twilight Zone theme song here).
a) I look like a frog,
b) I don't do anything for anybody, and
c) my husband doesn't make enough money for US
**the only thing I have going for me is my blog** (just kidding)
Lady-Light said…
Modoc: I am already here, using my daughter's computer! Will try to write sporadically, between baby's naptime & rest of kids in schooltime. I forgot what it is to be an eema of three little kids!
They are go gorgeous bli ayin ra'ah, I might post pics of them for all to see!
ayala said…
We'll miss you. I hope you come back soon.
Come back soon....
frum said…
Lady-Light said…
Thank you all. As you can see, I couldn't keep away from it too long, although it's a bit more sporadic.

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