I don't get it...

I find this very strange. Here I try to write serious, pithy tomes about The Meaning of Life, Religion, The Importance of Being Earnest - er. I mean, of Israel - and I can't get no satisfac-eh, RESPONSES from anyone (or at best, I get one. maybe).
However, post a couple of smelly feet pictures, and THE WORLD FLOCKS TO MY DOOR. Is it that I have The Meaning of Life totally wrong? - that it's not about JEWISH VALUES, PURPOSE, and PLACING G-D IN ONE'S LIFE.
It's about feet. And mud. And having fun.
OMIGOSH I sound like my kids.


LOL...Its not about quantity..it's about quality
Anonymous said…
Hello fellow mountain time zone denizen- its weird to see what people respond to isn't it? I've had some posts that I thought would be wildly popular and some that I thought would be duds, but I don't seem to be able to predict anything! Just write what you want!
Lady-Light said…
David & Amishav:
You betcha. With regard to the WEIGHTY PROBLEMS OF JUDAISM AND THE WORLD, I just posted two pieces that I had saved as drafts, 'cause I couldn't figure out how to work them out. Well, I sort of did, but they are posted before my latest, so please, take a look.
I would love feedback.
kasamba said…
I'm laughing because I would have loved to read the really deep stuff, but I only stumbled onto your blog when you bedavks posted feet!!!!
Eshet Chayil said…
I made a post once that said....today is wednesday, yesterday was tuesday, and tomorrow is thursday, and that post scored me more comments than I got on anything else. People seem to find deep meaning in what is deep to them.
Pragmatician said…
well escapism is usually about fun rather than a Shmuz, and blogging is definitely a diversion for many people.
You never know what makes people post. I try to comment on anything to make the writer feel good. Your stuff is good. Think of it as a reflection on your posters not on yourself. You can nevver figure people out these days.
Lady-Light said…
Well, now I will think you are just saying that to make me feel good. Keep talking.
Some of what I thought was 'deep stuff' is right on the main page. Maybe my readers don't think so...but, being female & loving singing, the issue of Kol Isha is a BIG one with me.
Escapism is really about escaping. How's that for brilliance? People escape their world/stress/lives in different ways. Some look for 'fun', some for adventure, some for serious risk-taking, etc. As AMISHAV said, some posts you expect people to respond to, and they don't. And vice versa. Amishav, you are right: 'whatever floats your boat!'

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