Eureka, I Found It! (or, the true path to Ahavat Yisrael)

Thank you, thank you I'mHaaretz,Ph.D and Hirhurim for finding a true path to ahavat Yisrael or "ve-ahavta le-re'akha kamokha". This is what I found through surfing posts and comments on the blogosphere, and this is what should unite all Jews (I am tired of hearing 'where there are two Jews there are three machlokot'). Maybe that's what we are; pieces of a puzzle. And we need all our differently shaped pieces to fit together to be a whole. And then, the whole will be greater than the sum of it's parts:

learn kiruv from lubavitch
learn derech eretz from YU/RYDS
learn ahavas yisroel from Maran RAYK
learn to serve Hashem with joy from the chasidim
learn to learn torah from the litvish
learn to love eretz yisroel from the religous zionists
learn how to conduct yourself among the goyim from the modern orthodox
learn tenacity in serving Hashem in the face of all odds from the misnachalim
learn tznius from UO
learn bikur cholim from satmar
learn how to publish a dignified religous periodical from mishpacha magazine and jewish action
learn torah im derech eretz from the modern orthodox and from the breurs community
learn jewish history from Rabbi Berel Wein

"Eizehoo Chacham Halomeid mikol adam" - didn't I say that on a previous blog???

the above was supposed to be blue. oiy.


kasamba said…
Like I said on I'mHaaretz's blog,


Ladylight, well done for posting this!
Lady-Light said…
You are so kind! All I am doing, is copying what everybody else is doing. I'm the third one (as far as I am aware) to post this. But it really touched a personal chord with me, and I just HAd to do it.
...will visit your blog soon...
Nemo said…
Nemo said…
Lady-Light said…
What about the mitnachalim?
the sabra said…
interesting list.

a few questions on my mind...for starters, care to explain how you "learn how to conduct yourself among the goyim from the modern orthodox".
(im not being sarcastic)
Lady-Light said…
UO meaning the OU (!) Union of Orthodox Rabbis, which organization is considered 'Centrist Orthodox".
With regard to your asking about the mitnachalim: I think what was meant, was the fact that they (mitnachalim = so-called 'settlers')live in areas that the world and even Israel consider 'disputed', 'in question', 'palestinian territory' etc. And they remain there to serve Hashem in those areas of Yehuda and Shomron no matter how dangerous they've become.
What was meant, in my estimation, was that the so-called Modern Orthodox live and work among non-Jews, and they remain observant Jews while learning how to get along and respect (but not imitate) the goyim. Hope that explains it...
Nemo said…
No, I got it, I was just wondering why it had the Askenazi miSnachlim. It just sounded funny.
Lady-Light said…
Oh, I see what you mean. The entire list is in Ashkenazi Ivrit, e.g., "ahavas yisroel, eretz yisroel, & tznius", so this is right in line with the nusach, lo ken?
the sabra said…
lo ken?

oy ivris...
Lady-Light said…
is ken lo better? how about sababa!
Lady-light: I hope I'm not too late, just saw this. I'm so glad you liked the post. I can't take credit for the thought, it isn't originally mine, but let's keep passing it on and make the world a better place :)
the sabra said…
i think you mean to write "...,nachon?"

and mah im sababa? zeh achla mila, ah? zeh, efshar l'hagid kol hazman, lo mishaneh im zeh hegyoni oh lo :)
Lady-Light said…
nachon is b'seder too; see my comment on your post re your Israeli-isms!

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