another Tehillim request...

I am posting again, but for sad reasons...I just found out from my husband who is still back in our home state, that a friend of ours was just diagnosed with leukemia, caused by the chemotherapy from his first cancer which was treated. His name is Michael Yitzhak ben Esther Vikhneh (pronounced " VEEKH-neh"). Please let's all say Tehillim for him. That is all we can do now. When I get back home, I will see if I qualify to donate blood - he needs blood & platelets. He will be getting a bone marrow transplant.
Why is it that since I left, more people seem to need Tehillim said for them? I am suddenly getting names and more names. Didn't want to post for these reasons. As they say, 'rak li-smachot'...


the sabra said…
said tehillim
enough is enough!!!
Lady-Light said…
thank you, but hey - I didn't say that to you. I wish we didn't have to say Tehillim for anyone. I only wrote the newest name I just found out about, not the other 8-10 I say Tehillim for. No complaining allowed, Sabra!
the sabra said…
no no oof you misunderstood!
i did not mean enough writing names!! chas v'sholom! (and bichlal who am i to tell anyone what to write on their blogs?)

i was expressing frustration at this golus. i was telling hashem-enough!! enough of this golus, enough of the sickness, of the stabbings, of the jealousy and hate, of death, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH HASHEM!!

Lady-Light said…
Oh Sabra, I SO APOLOGIZE for misunderstanding you! Ya see how I take everything personally? I thought you meant we shouldn't post names for Tehillim on blogs anymore. I actually agree with you wholeheartedly: AD MATAI?!(Israeli Ivrit).
We Jews are going through terrible times. I wonder whether all of this is because of the really EVIL people, unfortunately including Jews (have you been surfing the Jewish Blogosphere lately?)who are perpetrating their acts in the world.
I don't know why, but the TZIMTZUM is very great these days; sometimes I dare say that it is hard to see Hashem's involvement in what is going on in this often terrible I a heretic (kofer) for saying this?
But then, it is like Rabbi Akiva seeing the fox wandering around through the ruins of the Bet HaMikdash, isn't it...?
the sabra said…
no jew is evil.

and yes, now it is the times before moshiach..a time that our prophets have told us will be filled with the most evil and tragedy for the 'darkest time of night is right before dawn'.

and ladylight, the only way to get rid of darkness is to add light. (that should be right up ur alley....)

may we only hear good news (and no worries bout the misunderstanding...)!
Lady-Light said…
:-) !!

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