A-Z MEME (tag - you're IT!)

I am really honored that the sabra tagged me. 'who am I to go against the wind?' (Paul Simon).
Just as a little primer for those who, like me, had no clue what was going on until yesterday (when I was born) MEME: implies doing the same thing over and over; in French, "la meme chose" means exactly that: 'the same thing'.

So Here Goes:

Accent: (paraphrasing the sabra): 'EH'. that's what I always said between phrases from the time I was a kid. never 'uh.' Everybody joked at that; called me 'The Israeli'. I spoke English with an Israeli accent ever since I remember...don't know where it came from 'cause I was born & raised in New Yawk City...
Booze: yes, every Friday night and Shabbat lunch for kiddush. Favorite: Kesser. Nothing like it.
Chore I Hate: cleaning the toilet? but somebody's gotta do it.
Dogs/Cats: had a Dalmation I loved named Samson...died years ago after traveling the world (Florida, Israel, Texas, Colorado)...then had a Shitsu (not my breed of choice) named Blake (name not my choice, either); he died, too...had a cat I loved named Tuli; had to give her away when we moved...I think she died as well. too many dead animals...besides I'm allergic.
Essential Electronics: again, paraphrasing the sabra: pelephon, definitely. would be lost without it. computer with Ivrit capability & hi-speed internet a MUST. bluetooth also nice. working on getting an MPshalosh so I can listen to my Jewish & Israeli music wherever I go...
Favorite Perfume/Cologne: I once liked Jessica McClintock. (don't know her personally). haven't had it for a while now. (Sabra, you are being quoted again - you should be proud): " now, has this knowledge improved your life in any which way??"
Gold/Silver: would love some.
Hometown: let's see if you have your thinking cap on; gave that away in a previous Q. [to the sabra: how many sets of parents do you have?]. future hometown: Yerushalayim (or maybe Moshav Modiim).

Insomnia: how can my husband fall asleep in under five minutes, snoring away, while I toss and turn for hours??
Job Title: see my profile.
Kids: wanted ten. got five. thank you Hashem for the five!(especially that one who always says she is 'the best, most beautiful, smartest of your children eema'). you know who you are.

Living Arrangements: got to get used to this 'empty-nested' existence. NOT. Moving to Israel to be with my kids (most of 'em)... eventually...
Most Admired Trait(s): Chesed, humility, kibud Av va-Em, and the ability to sing and play an instrument!
Number of sexual partners: I don't believe this is actually a question. I am a married, Orthodox Jewish woman. Some people might think that question is cool. It's not - n/a. Sabra, kol hakavod on your answer. Let's think of another N question, shall we? Nuclear Physics knowledge? Number of Ninjas you know? Nights blogging till four a.m.?

Overnight Hospital Stays: (hahah. I always wanted twins!). when I had 'singles!' . Also, when I had carpal tunnel syndrome surgery in Israel, believe it or not. Here in the States it's Outpatient. Israel better play catch-up fast.
Phobia: used to be slightly afraid of heights; has dissipated since I moved west & higher...
spiritually... now I'm afraid of [the] depths this world is coming to.
Quote: ok now, there are about a million (give or take a few) quotes that are meaningful to me. I'm going to narrow it down to a couple thousand or so. For those of you with Ivrit capability on your computers, or if you're not sure you have, go to 'view' on top toolbar, scroll down to 'encoding', go to 'Hebrew(Windows)', and click; the squiggles should (miraculously) become readable as Ivrit. If you need a translation/transliteration, I will be happy to provide it, if you send a comment. 'Gentlemen, start your engines': This first one is from Pirkei Avot (Ethics of the Fathers), chapter 2: רבי אליאזר אומר, יהי כבוד חברך חביב עליך כשלך, ואל תהי נוח לכעס, ושוב יום אחד לפני מיתתך
Here's another one of my favorites: שויתי ה לנגדי תמיד
And finally, here's one for our times, also from Pirkei Avot: נתי הארבלי אומר, הרחק משכן רע, ואל תתחבר לרשע, ואל תתיאש מן הפרענות . If we all paid attention to just these three sayings, the world would be a better place because we would be doing our Tikkun Olam. OK, class is over.
Religion: [somewhat modern] Orthodox Jew with Chassidic tendancies.
Siblings: Yes. We are so different but I love her.
She is my only sibling...
Time I usually wake up: (um, mossad agent? can't top that one). not as early as I should. hard to do when you're blogging 'til 4:00 a.m
Unusual Talent: Baruch Hashem, I have some talents, but can't say they are unusual; does blogging 'till 4:00 a.m. qualify?
Vegetable I refuse to eat: brussel sprouts. once came across b.s. (and I mean that) crawling with bugs. oh, and Ehud Olmert. heehee.
Worst Habit: (Sabra, Sabra, you just have to be more careful with your words. especially for a mossad agent...). showing off after I k-----------------, oh, nevermind. Eating too much. Excercizing too little.
X-Rays: Just this week, chest x-rays to test for pneumonia. Yes on pneumonia. No on 'chatikh' doctors.

Yummy Foods : Just this erev Shabbat, I could barely stand up, and I made one of the best chicken soups ever, and delicious baked chicken with green peppers, onion & Mrs. Dash, sauteed cabbage & onions & carrot/raisin/walnut salad. don't know what got into me. ask me about chatzillim, my all-time favorite.
Zodiac Sign: keshet.

I guess I have to tag someone now. Learning so much about html (wow, my life is so much better now). I am so proud of myself!
I hereby tag: JerusalemCop, WestBankMama, and Ayala
I hope these links work. Errors are mine only.


Oh wow..your list puts ours to shame.... so much thought went into it..

btw..you must be the only person on earth with Amos Oz and Meir Kanhane on ur favorite authors list..lol
Lady-Light said…
Very astute, heheh...
This particular book I am reading by Amos Oz, is a wonderful descriptive history from the early days of the Medinah. No one is ALL bad...
Thank you on the A-Z compliment. My problem is two-fold:
a) I am sick with pneumonia and have nothing better to do with my time, and
b) I am [unfortunately] currently unemployed, i.e., I have nothing better to do with my time.
I would love to write, but nobody wants to pay me to do so.
As a result, "I blog, therefore I am".
Hey, I think I'll post this on my blog!
Jerusalemcop said…
I did the meme, thanks for the tag

the sabra said…
gosh! talk about imitation being the highest form of flattery, lady light...!

um lets see, some quick thoughts that ran thru my head when readin what you wrote-ehud olmert is NOT a vegetable (even if you would never eat him!), OBVIOUSLY if im a mossad agent and i write about killing terrorists its really a code word for something else DUH!, which month is keshet?, love ur future hometown-make it current asap, thanks again for all the sabra mentioning :) and finally-cleanin the toilet is one of my favorite jobs. for real.

yom tov!
Lady-Light said…
1) I would not have voted for Ehud Olmert nor Kadima; as far as I'm concerned, he is a vegetable, like my least favorite, brussel sprouts crawling with thugs. I mean bugs.
2) Keshet is in Kislev.
3)'Amen'to my future hometown being current.
4)You're welcome.
5)Ok, come and clean my toilets. Got three of 'em.
6) lailah tov
the sabra said…
inshal'lah! or rather, halevai, that i could clean ur toilet...if u were in israel that is.....well take care, nonetheless..
Lady-Light said…
I was kidding. Forgive me for beings snide or rude. Just not feeling well these days...
the sabra said…
al tidagi, at b'seder!
Lady-Light said…
תודה...גם את בסדר. תמשיכי לכתוב
the sabra said…
neshama, ani kotevet...ani mechaka sh'tikrai ma kotavti!
Lady-Light said…
מה פתאום?? אני קוראת את הבלוג שלך כל הזמן!

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