Tel-Aviv Beauty

Even Tel-Aviv - the city without a Jewish Soul, some say - is beautiful. Because Jews built it. And no Jew is without a Jewish Soul. It might be buried under layers, but it is there.
I found this photo after a search on my computer.
If it isn't misplaced in cyberspace, it's misplaced on the hard drive.


Nice blog! Thanks for your visit. Do I know you from somewhere? Email me.
ayala said…
It is a beautiful picture. Thank you for that little taste of Israel, it was just what I needed after a long day. I am so excited for Yom Haatzmaut! Are you doing anything special?
Nice pictures! Oh nostalgia.

Its been two years since I was last in Israel (I studied there for a year around 5 years ago and I was there 2 summers ago for around a month) I look through the pictures that I took there every once in a while, it reminds me of what a awesome place it is and how much I miss Israel

interesting what you write tel Aviv the city without a Jewish soul, I never did like hanging out there much, I much preferred Jerusalem over it.

My friends had once gone to tel Aviv beach, they fell asleep and when they woke up all their stuff was gone, including their clothing!
I had gone there a few times with friends and actually found it quite nice, not like the beach in eilat which is full of stones.
Lady-Light said…
Thank you for your kind comment. I (and my husband)are both sick with pneumonia, so I don't think I'll be doing much. All my kids are either in Israel or Florida, so I don't have the 'cheshek' to really do much, even if (G-d willing) I am well then. We shall see...
Kol Tuv
Lady-Light said…
To Chass.Shaig.,
(on the episode of the stolen clothes in soul-less Tel-Aviv), well there you go!
Never been to Eilat, though. My kids say it's beautiful.
the sabra said…
that must be one of the oddest phrases i've heard this week-a city in eretz yisroel without a jewish soul.
Nemo said…
Yaffo is a historic Jewish city! Not much anymore though. But we might be able to assume that Tel Aviv draws its Jewishness from it's antiquated neighbor.

I spent a lot time in and around Tel Aviv. I used to know it as well as I knew Jerusalem. Different kinda flavor but they both have charachter.
the sabra said…
....but they are both holy a holy land..

(now PLEASE can u get rid of your 'word verification'??)
Lady-Light said…
No, no no Sabra - you got me wrong; I said at the start, that some people say it has no soul. I said all cities built by Jews have a soul, because although sometimes it is hidden, all Yidden have souls.
Hey, just to let you know, I finally posted my A-Z Meme! Better late than never. (you're in it, btw).
Lady-Light said…
To Nemo:
I don't know Tel-Aviv at all, so I was just being facetious; I am sure (let's lay this to rest, shall we?)that Tel-Aviv has a soul, and I like your idea, that it draws from Jaffo. This last trip of mine, I never even got to T.A., even with 4 weeks in Israel. Did you ever live there, and for how long?
Lady-Light said…
Yes, Sabra, they are both holy sites in a Holy Land - agreed.
I started the word verification to eliminate spammers and other low-life forms.
Is it really that annoying? I was hoping it would prevent the not-serious-commentors from commenting.
Does that make any sense?
the sabra said…
no idea. i do know that it irritates me. but then again, i could learn how to be more tolerant. nu nu.

and i repeat-tel aviv is kadosh because it is part of the land that hashem gave us. nothin to do with yafo.

(and ya thanx for includin me in ur meme:) )
Lady-Light said…
To The Sabra (& JerusalemCop):
You are right, and I am humbled ("Honor is due, Ned, honor is due" - now what movie is THAT from, J-Cop? Let's see how good you REALLY are!).
Tel-Aviv IS a holy city for the sole reason that it is in the Land of Israel, which Hashem gave us. Period, end of sentence!
Next time, I MUST visit Tel-Aviv. Meanwhile I will post another pic of something in Tel-Aviv, just to prove my point!
And you're right - the word verification is a pain in the neck. But funny as all get-out!
the sabra said…

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