re: Color Conflicts

With regard to color, in my post titled "Experimenting with Color" of 26 March: I don't know if you've noticed that some posts are in a black font, some in green and some in aqua. That's not what I intended --
It's not working! Whatever I try, does not seem to publish the way I set it. Color is very important to me; it enhances life, it is one of Hashem's beautiful creations. And I can't get it to work on my blog! I choose the font style, size and color. Font style and size sometimes screws up a bit, but most of the time comes through. Color published in black, then sometimes in the middle of a paragraph, burps and reverts to color chosen.
I have no explanation for this, except for my being technologically impaired. So meanwhile, while I try to figure this out, enjoy my posts (and the burps!).


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