To the reader, Shalom u'Vrakhah (peace, hello & blessings)!
Long time no BLOG. Preparations for Pesach (Passover) took up an inordinate amount of time, as always, and there was no way I would get to the computer before the holiday began.
Gee, it feels good to BLOG again!! (I must really be out of it. I never use the word 'gee!')

OK, I confess; I gave up on my first choice of templates. For some reason (- too verbose?) couldn't get my profile to post on the same page in the right-hand column no matter what I tried.
So, I chucked the whole thing, and chose a new template, where it seemed the columns were a bit wider for the blog posts. So far, it seems to work. Now all of my myriad of readers can fall all over themselves fighting over who's to read my profile first. ahem.
Actually, I think I actually like the new template better; it's light and airy, and I hope more readable.
Again, I would just love feedback from my readers. What do you think of the new 'plate?
(don't all volunteer at once).


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