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Sunday, April 23, 2006

I Had No Idea!

I am SO impressed!
I had no idea there were such wonderful blogs out there.
And on my dearest subject as well: All Things Jewish; All Things Israel; All Things Ivrit. What is it about that tiny country?? That less-than-one-percent-of-the-middle-east-land-mass mass of land?? That alt/new people, land, language, culture, customs??
We Jews all love/hate it. But we know it is our only Homeland. The whole world is pre-occupied with it. Llike an itch you keep scratching, but it doesn't go away.
Oiy, I repeat myself.
Somebody stop me.

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the sabra said...


Jerusalemcop said...



nice pun lady-light


ayala said...

Feel free to repeat yourself, I just got here and I am too busy to catch up on everything as much as I would like to.
I hope it stays our homeland, although things are looking a bit shabby right now. I guess there is not much that we can do, I guess just pray and hope, and keep loving the land regardless of what happens.

Lady-Light said...

To JCop:
Thanks - but the jokes' on me; I didn't intend it as a pun (shouldn't have revealed that, huh).
You also have an interesting blog.
It's amazing how many members of our little Yidd'l Mishpacha there are out there.



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I am certain you will relish
the letter from Barcelona.
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