I Blog, Therefore I Am ( Descartes, eat your heart out)

OK, so David was kind enough to compliment me on my A-Z Meme answers, for which I thank him profusely. It's not as if I am brilliant, but just average; the reason my responses were so thought-out, is because I sat here (my daughter really got mad at me) until 3:00 a.m. my time working on the blog. OK, I admit it: It was the HTML which got me! I asked JCop in one of my comments for help in inserting active links and didn't get a response from him, so I decided to just get down to business myself. I'm always fighting my lazy nature, so this was a pain, but I did it! And they work! Basically, it was everything you wanted to know about html but were afraid to ask (or not). As far as my 'well-thought out' responses, my problem is two-fold:

a) I am sick with pneumonia and have nothing better to do with my time, and

b) I am [unfortunately] currently unemployed, i.e., I have nothing better to do with my time (!)
I would love to write, but nobody wants to pay me for it.
As a result, "I blog, therefore I am".
Hey, I think I'll post this on my blog!
oh, wait, I just did


Feel better, I hope you get a job when you are ready.
Lady-Light said…
Thanks - did you get my email? You had asked me to email you...
but I don't think we know each other, despite 'New Yawk City'...
lol....Very cute spin...
But with your blog you can say..I think and I blog, there fore I am..

btw...How ould you say "I blog, therefore I am" in Latin?

ps..Refuah Sheliema
Lady-Light said…
To David:
"BLOGITO Ergo Sum"

Thanks for the refuah shlemah; I could sorely use it.
Blogito ergo sum...


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