Another HOMICIDE BOMBING in Tel-Aviv

I am again horrified and disgusted by the sub-human perpetrators of this heinous atrocity. Another sub-human exploded himself and 9 other ordinary people in a popular and crowded fast-food felafel stand in the city of Tel-Aviv, and wounded (read: mutilated with severe pain) approximately 100 others. This is the reason I call it a 'homocide' rather than the accepted term 'suicide' bombing. This person committed an act of homicide. Which is not the same thing as killing civilians in the course of defending yourself, as Israel does.

Does Israel target civilians? Let me put it another way: Does Israel set its sights on restaurants, schools, buses or playgrounds when it retaliates? Does it ever take the offensive that way? Not on your life!

Tell me, do you want to live next to the type of culture which perpetrates these acts?? Would you feel safe living near a sick culture which glorifies death?? When was the last time you got on a bus and had a panic attack worrying if the guy in the next seat had an explosive belt strapped to his waist, and was just waiting for the right moment to blow himself (and YOU) up?

This is a SICK kind of enemy. With an enemy such as this, you don't reason and you don't negotiate - because you can't! You KILL THEM FIRST, BEFORE THEY KILL YOU. Israel is NOT doing that nearly enough. It is not showing the Arabs that you DON'T MESS WITH ISRAEL, AND YOU DON'T MESS WITH JEWS. This is what is wrong with Israel today; it is too concerned about what the world will think; too politically correct. Whatever happened to the term 'Never Again!' ?? What about what the great Hillel said: Im aiyn ani li, mi li?? What in the world should we do now - wait for someone to approve our destroying the enemy before they destroy us? Or doesn't it say in Torah, "u'viarta ha-rah mi-kirbecha" ??


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