What Is Tikkun Olam?

This is my first blog, ever. I have never done this before in my life.
I was accessing a friend's weblog, when I inadvertently created my own.
Out of the blue. Perhaps there was a hidden reason for this...
So, I named it "Tikkun Olam". Tikkun Olam is Hebrew for 'Repairing the World'.

I welcome your (serious or humorous, but CLEAN) opinions and comments on this subject.
Do you agree or disagree, that the world is in dire need of 'repair'?
A phrase comes to mind, by Charles Dickens:
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."

My first question is, with regard to that aforementioned phrase,
do you believe it is the former, or the latter - and why??

I am eagerly anticipating your comments and reactions!

In Friendship,


Kindness said…
Thanks for your blog.

My personal feelings are that the way we fix the world is be fixing ourselves first, and then serving as an example to others.

Wishing you blessings for all good things,

-Shmuel Greenbaum

Coping With Tragedy
Fighting Terror With Kindness

By Shmuel Greenbaum

Kindness has been my personal response to terror. My wife, Shoshana, was murdered by a suicide bomber. She was one of over 100 victims that were killed or injured on August 9, 2001 at the Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem.

Sometimes I wonder whether telling my story can really help others. Since, the way I am coping with tragedy is so different than the norm, would anyone else understand it?

Many of the rabbis that came to visit me told me a story about a carpet. “Sometimes you only see the knots on the back,” they said; “Only later do you see the beautiful design on the front.” I thanked them for coming and explained that I see the beautiful design now. I see the “big picture.”

I have always been interested in the “big picture” – in how to make the world better. Since I was a kid, I always liked to tackle these big problems by assembling a group of experts to solve them. As a teenager I designed a system to tap hydroelectric power from the wastewater of apartment buildings. I contacted a local engineering school and assembled a team of academicians to prepare the plan for the US Department of Energy.

After my wife’s violent murder, I began a project to teach people how to be kinder. The project has just started to take off. At the moment, we have more than 40,000 subscribers on six continents to our “Daily Dose of Kindness” e-mail. Everyone who signs up for this e-mail list is also automatically signed up as an advisor. As I said before, I like having many advisors. Right now, I have over 40,000 “Kindness advisors”.

Last week, one of my Kindness advisors sent me an e-mail link to an article in the New York Times about how medical researches have found that acts of kindness stimulate the brain in the same place that physical pleasures do. So now medical researchers have shown that doing kindness causes enjoyment. From this you can see one way that I cope with tragedy – I receive tremendous pleasure by promoting kindness.

My favorite author on kindness is Zelig Pliskin. In his book Kindness, he presents eighty-five techniques to find new opportunities to do kindness by improving yourself and improving the world around you. In one chapter he explains how you can feel the thrill of an international sports victory every day if you visualize 100,000 people applauding for you and cheering you on when you do an act of kindness. Studies have shown that our hormonal system has actual biochemical responses even though the victory is totally a figment of our imagination.

Shortly after my wife’s death, I prayed with great intensity to G-d to help me to make the world better. From the feedback I am getting from my kindness projects, it is clear that my prayers are being answered and that I am helping to make the world a little kinder – one person at a time. This feeling of Divine assistance combined with the biochemical responses to my imagined victory has given me tremendous emotional strength.

Join Us!
Be a "Partner In Kindness."
Visit our websites:

http://www.TraditionOfKindness.org(Daily Jewish e-mail)
http://www.PartnersInKindness.org (Weekly Non-Sectarian e-mail)

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Potentiel_de_Bonte (Weekly e-mail)

http://espanol.groups.yahoo.com/group/LapracticadelaBondad/ (Weekly e-mail)

http://br.groups.yahoo.com/group/ParceirosNaBondade/ (Weekly e-mail)

If you would like to do a very easy, but powerful act of kindness, forward this e-mail to friends and relatives. If you know of any groups that are interested in having me speak, I don't charge a fee, other than travel from New York (if I am not already in the area).
Lady-Light said…
Thank you for your comment. I agree; we would have to "fix ourselves first", if we did not live with the situation we are faced with today; there is evil all around us, and much of it-the core of it-is directed towards us.

Given that fact, we need to two things simultaneously: 1) Look into ourselves, figure out what is wrong and what needs changing, and fix it; at the same times as we are 2)Defending ourselves against the enemy, and preventing future attacks.

I believe that if we look at ourselves long and hard, we will see what is happening all around us and why, and we will act accordingly. The key is, not being afraid of facing the truth...
the sabra said…
we are standin at the threshold of geula. be prepared.
Lady-Light said…
I am honored that you read ALL my posts! Thanks for your comment. I agree that we are on the threshhold of the geula. However, there are two ways the geula can come: 1)If we help bring it by our doing mitzvot, and rooting evil out of our midst, as it is written in the Torah, or 2) "be-ito" - 'in it's time; when G-d scheduled it to come, regardless of our deeds or lack of rightiousness. If it is the latter, it is said that it will come with terrible trials and tribulations for us. Unfortunately, the way the world is going now, and the way Israel is conducting itself, I'm afraid it will be the latter...I might even copy this response to you as a post on my blog (as I did once before) - it is too important to be private.
the sabra said…
yes, there are nutso things goin on in this world..terrible tragedies..yet have you paid attention to the light being spread to every corner of the world? of the numerous prophecies (foretelling the good) that have already occurred?

moshiach is WAY overdue, im sure we all agree on that one.

(oh and im a tzabarit...well kinda..and just to smash ur ego a bit, i dont read ALL ur posts ;)..keep it up though and KEEP POSTIN PICS!)
Lady-Light said…
oops. shoulda looked at your comment here before publishing my comment to you on a different post of mine. Lo nora!
Thank you for the tip on photos. I agree, they light up a blogsite (no pun intended there). I have some pics from my Israel trip this past Nov/Dec which, if I can figure out how to upload them from the camera (!) to my computer, I will choose some good ones to post.
And, it's OK if you don't read all my posts; I appreciate your comments & interest anyway!

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