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Monday, March 27, 2006

Teleportation to Our Homeland

Teleportation to Our Homeland

So, how do I explain this? It is the morning of Elections 2006 in Israel. Right now, it is 8:05 a.m. there...Here I sit, at my computer; listening on one browser to the Hebrew song גבעת התחמושת (Ammunition Hill) from the Six-Day War of June, 1967.

On a second browser I am listening to Israel radio about the elections. On a third, I have in front of me the live Kotel (Western Wall) camera; I am watching - in real time - people walking to and fro; there is a group of about 30 or so men standing in a semi-circle around the Israeli flag at the Kotel Plaza, with a group leader standing in front of the flag. People in the group have flags as well. The leader is speaking to them; they are applauding, waving their flags. In the background, there are men davening (praying) at the Wall. Also women, on the women's side. In spirit, and almost physically, I am there...I think G-d invented technology...
Do you know that I recently saw my youngest daughter at the Kotel, from here in the States where I live - on the live Kotel Cam? She had called me to ask if I wanted to say a prayer through her cell phone (!), while she was there on a field trip with some classmates. (These are the sort of kids I have. I couldn't be prouder.) I ran downstairs half asleep (it was 6:00 a.m. here) and quickly opened a browser. Told her where the camera was positioned, then...saw her walking towards the camera, towards me - on the phone talking to me, with her backpack on her back. I don't know if you can imagine how I felt...
At the Kotel the group is breaking into circles, circles of dance! People walking to and fro are stopping, watching the dancing, taking pictures - a mother just gently pushed her son into the dancing group.I should be there. We all should be there...What are we waiting for?


p.s. - my son just awoke, and went online in Israel. I am Instant Messaging him as I post this. וגם ער ! עם ישראל חי

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ariz3 said...

hmm, wonder where I got my zionist attitude from?thanks Eema, love you!!!!

Lady-Light said...

ארי, תודה רבה בעד ההערה. אני מאחלת לך הצלחה בכל משאתה רוצה בחיים, ואושר ועושר!


the sabra said...

walla! yaffe!

Lady-Light said...

Tzabar (or tzabarit...),
It's nice to know that SOMEBODY reads my Blog!! But davka, this particular post I didn't think would be read. It was a crazy stream of consciousness HIGH I had whilst sitting at my computer, my heart (& part of my brain) transported to my Homeland Dimension. What IS it about that place???
(-walla right back at 'ya)--

kol tuv,


the sabra said...

hehe quite random, eh?

(im a bit confused, did you repost this comment on my blog, as well? cuz it says you did but i couldnt find it..)

besurot tovot!

Lady-Light said...

'ya know, I DID. Actually, I commented on your blog first, then thought about it, and decided I wanted that comment as my own post. I felt that it was important to the general public...but I just searched for it on YOUR blog, and couldn't find it.
What a FADICHA! It is floating around somewhere in cyberspace like The Lawnmower Boy. But since I posted it on MY blog, you didn't miss anything!

the sabra said...

fadicha? wanna know what a fadicha is???

(glad to see ur blog is picking up!)

Lady-Light said...

It's probably something unprintable. Actually, we (our family)uses a different word which I coined as a joke when I visited Israel last Nov./Dec. It stuck.
No, I will not reveal it.

p.s. -are you "ileed ha-aretz" or a naturalized Israeli?

the sabra said...

oof do i have to tell??

Lady-Light said...

Well, not if you don't want to. these blogs are supposed to be anonymous, if you wish.
But 'OOF' is SO Israeli!

the sabra said...


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