Letter to Free Daniel Pinner(sent 03/20/06):

To the Honorable Judge Rachel Barkai:

This is to implore you to release Daniel Pinner from jail for supposedly shooting at Arab marauders who were attacking Jews in the Gush Katif area by the shore before the expulsion last summer.
It is a TRAVESTY that Mr. Pinner should be incarcerated for NINE MONTHS for an incident that was in SELF-DEFENSE, and possibly which DIDN'T EVEN OCCUR because of the lack of credibility of conflicting so-called 'testimonies' presented by some of the Arab perpetrators.
Why is it that those conflicting testimonies were believed, but Mr. Pinner's statement that he shot in the air as a deterrent, was not?? Why is it that the Jewish victim does not get the benefit of the doubt, as much as the Arab aggressor? Was Daniel Pinner attacking others? No, he was present at the site working as a volunteer electrician. There would be no sane reason for him, a lone person, to endanger himself by attacking a group of people!
Though it may not be politically correct to admit it, the Jew is generally the PACIFIST in these situations, not the PERPETRATOR. It is a measure of our Torah laws which determined our culture, that this is true. Not so the Arab culture, which is a culture of the sword and glorifying death.
The terrifying fact is, that this sentence for Daniel Pinner means that the next terrorist has a greater chance, G-d forbid, of succeeding in committing his atrocity, because the Jewish victim might be afraid to act in his own defense for fear of retribution by the so-called Courts of Justice.
I implore you to rise above this 'political correctness' and see the TRUTH: FREE DANIEL PINNER FROM PRISON, and commit his sentence to "TIME SERVED".




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