Letter to the Editor--Wall Street Journal (sent 3/23/06)

To The Editor:

KUDOS to Ruth R.Wisse and to the Wall Street Journal for publishing her erudite commentary on the editorial page on March 22, 2006 debunking the veracity of the essay by Messrs. Walt and Mearsheimer of Harvard and the University of Chicago, respectively - to the universities' shame - on the so-called 'power of the Israel Lobby'.
I have been listening to and reading ad nauseum, with a sense of dread and (G-d forbid) impending doom the diatribes spewing forth from the Arab leaders against Israel, most of which are supported by Europe, who at best is silent.
Why the entire world is so pre-occupied with a tiny country comprising less than 1% of the world's real estate, I could say is a mystery to me - but it actually isn't! It is the very same reason the world has been so pre-occupied with the Jewish people, who themselves are a tiny minority among the nations. It is all-pervasive anti-Semitism, (again) rearing it's ugly head.
All sorts of ills are blamed on Israel and the Jews, from world crises to natural disasters. Ms. Wisse could not have expressed it better when she wrote: "Given the creative scope of these charges, one is surprised to find no hint of Israel's role in the spread of avian flu"!
And the irony of all this is that compared to other religions and cultures, Judaism has - over the many centuries of being persecuted and maligned - been one of the most moral and highly civilized ever to exist. Additionally, the State of Israel has never in its short history ever threatened the existence of any other nation or people nor have they committed atrocities nor attemped genocide against anyone. Whereas, again as Ms. Wisse correctly points out, the Arab world rejected and physically attacked the existence of the State of Israel from its inception.
I implore my fellow Americans to use reason and observe the facts. We need to see the falsehood in the accusations hurled at Israel and the Jews, not only from Mr. Walt and Mr. Mearsheimer, but from the entire world.
It's a question of how you market your untruth: If one yells out a lie long enough and loudly enough, people will begin to believe it. The Arabs, and it seems also Messrs. Walt and Mearsheimer, are 'marketing' their lies. We are duped at our own peril...



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