How to Boycott Israel the Right Way

So, some of you want to show your displeasure with that terrible, inhumanitarian, terrorist state of Israel by boycotting Israeli industries or products? Because Israel, of course, has only done bad things to the so-called Palestinians, wait--and I forgot the rest of the world--it hasn't done much of anything for them, either. Israel is just always-well-there- with it's annoying Zionism, annoying smart people, annoying love of life.
Gosh, they're so annoying, it's no wonder you want to boycott them!

So, good riddance, I say! Go, boycott Israel (just hope you enjoy moving back into your cave and starting your new life hunting and gathering.)

Watch this (found on WeJew) to show you exactly how to do it right:



Batya said…
Yes, it's clever, but I still find the use of sarcasm dangerous in public relations.

I would edit some of it out. The facts are good, but the style isn't mine.

Too many people get into trouble with sarcasm, and it's the big "no" in media relations and hasbara (information campaign.)
Anonymous said…
this is very funny. I liked it, thank you!
Anonymous said…
I think it is great...I hope you are okay with me forwarding the link to a couple friends...I think they will enjoy it....your hostess with the mostess!!!
Lady-Light said…
Batya: As far as I have seen, 'hasbara' hasn't worked; it doesn't matter what the heck Israel says or does: the majority of the world is still against it. Funny, the Muslims can rampage and riot over a cartoon, but when a Jew is sarcastic, it's verboten.
Sorry. Don't ascribe to that philosophy. Besides, I didn't create the video, I just chose it-so I can't edit it, even if I wanted to. Which I don't.

Anon #1: Thank you! (I am IMing with you right now! Isn't it groovy?!)

Anon Hostess #2: I would be honored if you forward my post to friends, and friends of friends, and friends-of-friends-of-friends!
Now that I have very little time to blog, I am afraid that my minuscule number of readers will slowly trickle away, like a meandering stream. . .
btw, do you have plans for the 1st seder? Email me. . .

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